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Former television journalist Jeremy Geia, who last year renounced his Australian citizenship, says the tens of thousands of Australians living in the Cairns region in far north Queensland should have the option of joining the Yidindji nation.

Now known by his tribal name Murrumu, the 40-something self-styled Foreign and Trade Minister of the Sovereign Yidinji Government is on a recruitment drive…

…Murrumu says he has fantastic memories from his 20 years as a journalist, including travelling to London to interview WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in the Equadorian embassy.

“Jeremy Geia was a nice person but it wasn’t real. It took a long time for the coin to drop,” he said.

He says over the years he became frustrated reporting the same story about Indigenous disadvantage and despair.

“There are so many of the bloodline hereditary people who are incarcerated, living in poverty and squalor and poor health with poor education and poor housing because it’s a system they haven’t unravelled yet. It’s the Crown’s Rubik’s Cube,” he said.

End of quote.

I am not saying this is a solution to the plight of Australia’s disenfranchised and persecuted aboriginal people, nor their equivalents on all continents, but it is one man’s attempt to change things and reclaim his heritage. Arrogant, naïve Europeans who have taken over these countries over the last three hundred or so years are largely ignorant of the skills and gifts they carry and could teach us if we were willing to listen and to honour them.

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