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It turns out the site linked to below was not a legitimate site, and Graham has kindly given me the link to that presentation I linked to on his own YouTube site.

Thank you, Graham.


Once or twice a year I am drawn to watch a presentation given by Graham Hancock, and today it was this one. Although it was only posted a few weeks ago by Graham’s friend and co-author Robert Bauval, the presentation was given some time before 2012. However, that does not in any manner impact upon the relevance or the power of its content. I have learned so much from Graham’s books and presentations, and I still feel like a student at the feet of a great master when Graham presents.

This presentation focuses primarily upon the knowledge that is still with us from that ancient time known as Zep Tepi or First Time in Egypt, when the gods walked the Earth. It also shares insights into how our ancestors placed importance upon that cycle known as the Precession of the Equinoxes. Even though I have seen the photographs many times, it still thrills me to see the sun at the March equinox sitting perfectly in front of the Sphinx’s head as it faces perfectly due East, and travelling up the side of the main spire at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, only to sit perfectly on top of it, also at the March Equinox, as well as to hear that these two sites are separated by 72° of longitude, 72 being the key precessional number, it taking 72 years for the precessional cycle to advance by 1°.

And yet our world today is run in a manner which is in complete denial of this great wisdom and understanding that screams out to humanity from these ancient sites.

May you feel your soul called and your heart opened when you listen to Graham reading the segment from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, as I did. I have long felt a connection with those great beings of Zep Tepi in Osiris, Isis and Thoth. May you also share in Graham’ s despair at the current, wilful destruction of our planet’s natural wonders, and also his desire, through his humble and fallible efforts to be the best human being that he can be, as I do, to make a difference in the outcome for our world in this watershed time.

I commend Graham’s wonderful presentation to you.


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