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Ohhh… And whilst I’m mentioning false flag events, this article on the Nice truck came across my desk today, and I have seen other articles asking why there is no blood on the truck if people were mown down by it.


Bullet stickers to show bullet holes… Even identifying the sticker pack…

But these goons don’t care if a few people figure it out. Their target is “Joe Average”, who gets his view of things form the MSM, and they act on this “public truth”, backfilled with endless support stories in the media around the world and statements by politicians who do their bidding globally, reading the requisite cue cards that are put in front of them. So, there’s no way you can get the truth into the hands of the public, much less stop or even slow their planned actions on the basis of the false flag deceit.

It’s all so brazen and now often so careless. But they don’t care. They control the message delivery. Job done.

Most people still believe that Oswald murdered JFK single handedly and that 9/11 was done by Islamic terrorists under the direction of Osama bin Laden, flying planes into the buildings and they collapsed because the jet fuel melted the steel beams…

And did I mention the holocaust? It’s little wonder they’re so brazen.


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