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I have been reflecting on John Pilger’s documentary, The War on Democracy that I shared with you in my recent post on Venezuela, and it occurred to me that it provides an excellent illustration of what is happening in America today. Rather than Venezuela in this case, the relevant example is Chile, where the chosen American model of dictatorial rule for the benefit of the wealthy and American business, and the total disenfranchisement of the general public has been rolled out and successfully held in place for a long period of time.

This is the model that is being unfolded in the United States, albeit using a different strategy. Americans mostly still believe that they live in a Democracy, where the majority of the public choose their President and he will implement the promises he made when he was elected by them. If that model ever existed in this country, in my view it died in 1963 with JFK.

For example, Cathy O’Brien shared with us witnessing Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton discussing the planned transition from one to the other, well before any elections were due. It was all planned.

And there have been clear demonstrations of how easy it is to rig an electronic voting machine, especially one with no paper trail… So those who think American elections are not rigged and the winner preselected by those who run the game are kidding themselves. Further, this nonsense continuing to be pumped out that American intervention overseas is about bringing democracy to the long-suffering unenlightened is pure and well-documented propaganda created around WWII and seemingly working just as well now as it did then.

Part of the American model is the slow transformation of people’s perceptions of what is acceptable. This is beautifully illustrated by this video discussing the purpose of the recent public pondering by the Obama administration as to whether they should use a drone to kill another American citizen who is overseas and who is suspected of being involved in terrorism.

It is not long ago when such contemplation would have led to a phenomenal outcry. But one brick has been placed upon another. Most recent bricks have been placed upon the lie that was 9/11, such that to even question what happened at 9/11 is heresy, let alone what has been layered on top of it. This is how the game is played.

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