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I quote from this article:

A senior detective who investigated child abuse allegations against Labour politician Greville Janner has revealed he was ordered to drop the case ‘from the very top’ – despite uncovering compelling evidence to charge him.

Breaking a 24-year silence over the scandal, former Detective Inspector Kelvyn Ashby told The Mail on Sunday that during an investigation lasting several months in 1991, he found vital clues that backed up claims that Janner had molested a teenage boy at his marital home and a hotel.

Last night the retired policeman spoke of his anger after being ordered not to arrest Janner because he was an MP.

Mr Ashby said: ‘I felt we had done a good job. I felt we had enough to arrest him but we didn’t because he was an MP. I think we should have done. I was gutted that we didn’t.’

End of quote.

This is how the game is played and has been for, perhaps, hundreds of years, certainly many decades. The control network covers all angles and protects its own. The action by Prosecutor Alison Saunders to take no action against Janner because of Alzheimer’s, despite ample precedent, even in her own prior actions, and over-ruled the advice of two of the country’s most senior QCs in doing so, is just the latest example.

Gerald Ford was the local mafia porn guy who negotiated with Cathy O’Brien’s father to have Cathy placed in Project Monarch. Reagan participated in sexual abuse and paedophilia in the United States and Australia that I have evidence of. GHW Bush was a horrific paedophile, for which Cathy provides abundant evidence, as do others. Edward Heath was the same and killed his victims before tossing them off his boat. I have evidence of several Australian Prime Ministers and a Governor General participating in paedophilia (paedo-satanism).

When will we wake up to the fact that this is a key element in the behind-the-scenes paedo-satanic control system in our world? The evidence is abundant globally, yet it protects its own. It won’t get addressed by the system. It is the key tool of control by the satanic Zionists who run our world. You don’t get a position of power in this world without being subject to this control, whether it be political, judicial, religious, administrative, major business; nothing is left to chance.

I recently read William Schnoebelen’s “Lucifer Dethroned”, to understand satanic practice. Schnoebelen was a serious practitioner of satanism at quite a high level before leaving it behind, and his descriptions are personal and well informed. When you read his book, you realise that what leaks into the public’s awareness is the veritable tip of the iceberg. For example:

  • Where Do They Get All Those Victims?

I am sorry to say that this question is all-too-easy to answer. First of all, it obviously depends on what sort of victims one is discussing. Infant sacrifices, which are among the most highly prized, are also quite simple to produce. As my own satanic mentor observed, “Few commodities in the world are as easy, as cheap or as pleasant to produce as a baby.”

While that remark sends chills down the spine of any decent person, it is the satanic mentality — par excellence. Babies are acquired from several sources:

1.) They are purchased from drug-addicted parents in exchange for drugs.

2.) They are conceived and born within the coven and legally do not even exist.

3.) Rarely, they are kidnapped.

End of quote.

So, most of this is hidden from public view.

Another quote:

Beyond that, often the first people in a town which a coven will try and co-opt will be people in law enforcement and the judiciary. They “convert” them to the Brotherhood by the same methods mentioned concerning funeral directors (see below), as well as through lower-level networks of Brotherhood influence such as the Masonic Lodge.[6] The presence of such people virtually assures that no such case will ever be prosecuted.

End of quote.

Remember, this is just run-of-the-mill satanism, not the serious application at the highest levels.

The following illustrates how the control system works, even in this “mundane” satanic world:

Let us say that a funeral director has a weakness for gambling or illicit sex. The coven, under the guidance of their demonic masters, would provide just what the person craves, and also work magic to make him or her more open and vulnerable to temptation. This is quite possible, as in the past, we did such spells on people, with great effectiveness.

We had rituals we could do that would make a person almost irresistibly drawn to another in lust. It would be a force so compelling that almost no one could resist the desire…

…The director is drawn into deep gambling debt, or into compromising sexual situations with an attractive (and perhaps under-aged) member of the coven and video-taped. Then blackmail or offers to pay off the debt are provided in exchange for the mortician’s membership and loyalty to the coven.

Once he or she joins the coven, they are video-taped in even more awful situations (usually without their knowledge) and the trap becomes complete. They are bound to do whatever the cult demands of them, and are in no position to refuse, unless they wish to court utter ruination (and possible prosecution) in their community.

End of quote.

Sound familiar? It’s no surprise these people put such little value on human life. As I said, this is how our world is controlled and the sooner we wake up to it, the sooner we will begin to change it.

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