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David Seaman was one of the early leaders in revealing the PizzaGate horrors and has been pilloried by some loud voices and withdrew from the fray for a while. But he’s back.

This from his video’s page:

A staggering four months ago, PizzaGate first broke. Based on John Podesta’s emails published by WikiLeaks at the time, PizzaGate may be the biggest scandal in world history. Here’s a 5 minute summary of what we know for certain so far.

End of quote.

Seaman sticks strictly to the Podesta brothers’ emails – which they have never disputed are theirs and for John have been verified as coming from his gmail account – and makes note of their taste in art. Scarcely even close to the edge of what has come forth. But this core evidence by itself  justifies serious investigation.

Except the silence from the law enforcement fraternity has been deathly and probably will continue to be. You see, the Podestas are among those who are above the law. The law is for the little people. It never touches the elite or those who do their bidding, unless those who do their bidding become dispensable. The elite dispose of their own, as we saw with the murder in Paris of one of the Rothschilds who wandered off script.

And the elite know that if this thread gets seriously pulled, their horrific global control system will become visible.

For now, the Podestas remain protected. However, as I’ve previously observed, the serious investigative journalism has moved to the Internet and alternative media, which underpins the “fake news” meme being peddled by the mainstream.

But the game is changing.

How long will that protection last?


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