Real Big Power: Revelations by insider Ronald Bernard-part 2

Thank you, Molly.

Here is Part 2 of the powerful though not surprising revelations from Ronald Bernard, the former elite-level Dutch banker, who drew the line when the next step was to participate in a child sacrifice. In this segment, he explains how the banking system is structured; run by, in his estimate, 8-8,500 people, who are hidden and protected. Bernard explains our debt-based monetary system and how interest and inflation are tools for harvesting the public, enslaving us in more and more debt. He goes on to explain how the politicians are just puppets, performing under the direction of the global elite and that vaccination and the false pandemics are just tools to bring money to Big Pharma and their shareholders. Actually, in my opinion, there’s another layer to this, but that’s not for today.

No surprises; however, it’s priceless to have this from someone who’s been on the inside and chose himself over power.

You can find Part 1 here, which I also recommend.


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