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The Holocaust establishment is a vampire squid which wraps around the Western world, destroying any historical scholarship or enquiry about World War II in general and Nazi Germany in particular
…Whatever you may want to say about the late Robert Faurisson, it should certainly be understood that he paid a huge price for standing against the Holocaust establishment, a vampire squid which wraps around the Western world, destroying any historical scholarship or enquiry about World War II in general and Nazi Germany in particular.

You want to ask important questions about gas chambers? You want to challenge the official narrative by counterarguments and serious evidence? You want people to respond to your arguments, doubts, and queries about Nazi Germany? Well, welcome to the anti-Semitic club.

Faurisson was called “the father of Holocaust denial” precisely because he did what people of reason should have done long ago: he challenged the Holocaust cult, the ideology which continues to suck the life out of anything that smells like serious historical scholarship. Noam Chomsky, to his credit, did not believe that Faurisson was an anti-Semite.  Chomsky declared then:

Dr. Robert Faurisson has served as a respected professor of twentieth-century French literature and document criticism for over four years at the University of Lyon-2 in France. Since 1974 he has been conducting extensive historical research into the ‘Holocaust’ question.

“Since he began making his findings public, Professor Faurisson has been subject to a vicious campaign of harassment, intimidation, slander and physical violence in a crude attempt to silence him. Fearful officials have even tried to stop him from further research by denying him access to public libraries and archives.

“We strongly protest these efforts to deprive Professor Faurisson of his freedom of speech and expression, and we condemn the shameful campaign to silence him. We strongly support Professor Faurisson’s just right of academic freedom and we demand that university and government officials do everything possible to ensure his safety and the free exercise of his legal rights.”

Chomsky was attacked by a number of Jewish academics for declaring that Faurisson had every right to pursue his academic research or historical enquiry. Chomsky again elaborated:

“Let me add a final remark about Faurisson’s alleged “anti-Semitism.” Note first that even if Faurisson were to be a rabid anti-Semite and fanatic pro-Nazi — such charges have been presented to me in private correspondence that it would be improper to cite in detail here — this would have no bearing whatsoever on the legitimacy of the defense of his civil rights.

“On the contrary, it would make it all the more imperative to defend them since, once again, it has been a truism for years, indeed centuries, that it is precisely in the case of horrendous ideas that the right of free expression must be most vigorously defended; it is easy enough to defend free expression for those who require no such defense.

“Putting this central issue aside, is it true that Faurisson is an anti-Semite or a neo-Nazi? As noted earlier, I do not know his work very well. But from what I have read — largely as a result of the nature of the attacks on him — I find no evidence to support either conclusion.

End of quote.

Few have had the courage, the freedom of thought or the intellectual integrity and discipline to question the holohoax, one of the greatest pieces of deceit perpetrated on the world, Jews and Gentiles alike. Faurisson was definitely one. I, for one, am grateful for his contribution.
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