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My Aussie friends and colleagues tend to believe that Australia is immune from the games of the global elite, that all is OK “down under”, away from the crazies of the Northern Hemisphere. In that sense, it reminds me a little of Sweden, where the level of control is far, far greater than most people living there believe.

By way of example, the articles I am about to share with you came to me via the Australian version of the #OpDeathEaters Twitter group in early January, but soon thereafter, the Aussie group simply disappeared without trace from Twitter. Fortunately I grabbed the links to the articles I’m about to share with you. Fortunately, another group has just been started to replace it.

And expect your beliefs to be challenged by these stories, whether you’re Australian or not, because this world is hidden from public view, which is why the work I have referred to previously is so important.

Unless we understand this, we cannot begin to understand our world and how it works.

This first story unfolds in the quiet, rural Victorian seaside town of Inverloch about 90 minutes’ drive South-East of Melbourne, the last place you might consider where such events would occur – and that’s part of the point.

The article is entitled Pine Lodge Christmas 1996/7 and I am sharing it in full, and I encourage you to read it in full:


I was taken, on the summer holidays at Christmas 1966/7, to Pine Lodge, Inverloch, Victoria, Australia (located in South Gippsland, Victoria) by my Harmer/Farthing families. This was before I had made one of my most important decisions, to remember everything about Pine Lodge, and it was also before I was tall enough to read the Guest List of all the family names of people attending this evil place.

I need to express that I cannot write with full details about the 4th dimension as in this post are events from the natural and supernatural dark dimension. I can only write what did happen. My main reason for putting up this brief encounter on the supposed holiday is to give my readers a full understanding of the nature of power, the total control imposed on me when I was 4 years old, and to show the full nature of my mother, the main torturer / abuser of all of her children.

“Pine Lodge Private Hotel was opened in 1930 with luxury accommodation, entertainment and sporting activities including a nine hole golf course, two tennis courts and horse riding. Designed as a country club it continued to run until 1981 attracting the social elite from Melbourne. Pine Lodge had the first telephone in Inverloch and a 33 yard sea water swimming pool (when built, the largest private swimming pool in Australia). For five years during WW2 it was used as a Naval Hospital. It was demolished in 1985.”

See link for original photographs here.

The owner of Pine Lodge was Calvert Wyeth, but I remember him being referred to as ‘Old Jim’ and his eldest son as Young Jim’.

Pine Lodge in Inverloch, Victoria, Australia not only had the elite from Melbourne (the capital city of Victoria, Australia) but also had many interstate and international global satanic network families holiday there. The festivals were of the Jimmy Savile style.

I was 3 years old when I was first taken on these horror holidays to Pine Lodge, and I was either taken there by the Harmer/Farthing family or sent to other relatives’ homes to stay on my own and still attend all the festivals at Pine Lodge.

Please find at the end of this post pictures I drew of this place over 8 years ago for my statement with the Victoria Police.

Below is some of the story about two torture sessions during one of the horror holidays at Pine Lodge. Much of this material is drawn directly from the detailed statement I provided to the Victorian Police in 2006. To date, the Victorian Police have taken absolutely no interest in what I have told them. I have also used a small section from one of the books I am currently writing in a series that will be called “A Hell’s Creation”. The title of Book 1 will be “Conception to the first Coming of Age.”

The man with long white hair was my uncle, named Alan Farthing-King, and he was the family’s “warlock”. It was Summer Solstice and all of my family and many people from interstate were at Pine Lodge.

We also had many relatives who lived in Inverloch, Korumburra and Wonthaggi.

The buildings at Pine Lodge made it look like a normal old holiday resort. There was a main building and behind this were private bath-roomed suites and dormitories with only bunk beds and hand basins in them. There were separate bathrooms. The communal kitchen was very big.

During the daytime, we seemed like a normal family, going to the beach, the shops and having a holiday, the same as the other guests there did.

At night time, I would go into our dormitory with my mother and sister. Both my brothers, Tony and Danny, stayed in dormitories as well. My grandparents stayed in a private suite. I was woken up and was still wearing my pyjamas as I was taken. I was taken through the big kitchen and I noticed there was a door we walked through into an area like a wine cellar and at the back of the racks of wine bottles was a sliding door holding the wine bottles (it looked like part of the wall), and then we walked down the stairs into the basement.

I had, even by this age, been taken into many basements.

Inside this very big basement were lots of people, naked except for the masks they wore on their faces. Some of these masks looked like they were out of the 1700s like in a masked ball and other masks were very scary animals.

My family got undressed and put on masks. I also had to get undressed and Danny and I did not get a mask but both Janet and Tony did get masks. There were other younger children there who did not have masks on either.

I noticed, as I had seen my mother before, adorned as ‘Medusa’, sitting in what seemed like an old medieval throne, with black snakes coming out of her head.

Uncle Alan was naked and with what looked like a large wooden mask covering his face. I recognised him by his long white hair and the signet ring on his right hand that was only worn at these types of festivals.

He took across to my mother acting as ‘Medusa’ a large hessian bag and untied the rope at the top of the bag and then turned the bag upside down. Coming out of the bag was the same large snake that I had seen before, with a head at each end and no tail. It slithered (not in a normal snake-like way) across to my mother’s feet and raised each of its heads up on either side of her. Each head was like cobras (with flat heads).

Then there was also the usual array of many other smaller shiny black snakes appearing all over the floor; these snakes would always bite everyone, including myself, and their bites hurt.

All the masked naked people were talking very excitedly to each other and in the middle of the room was a marble altar similar to ones I had seen before and the floor was white marble with black in it.

Uncle Alan was acting as the number one ‘warlock. He brought into the room a tiny newborn baby. It had all of its features but was very small, so small that Uncle Alan could carry the baby in one hand. The baby was naked and still had the curly thing in its stomach and I could see that it was a boy. The baby was placed on the altar and all the people went quiet.

The ‘warlock’ then picked up the same curved knife that I had seen before and started to slice pieces of flesh off the baby boy’s arms and legs. He sliced many times and the baby was screaming. He also cut off all of the baby boy’s genitals. The pieces of the baby that were sliced off were put into a large marble bowl. The screaming was horrible and I tried to look away but my grandfather was behind me and grabbed me by the hair and forced me to watch. All the other children were forced to watch this also.

The ‘warlock’ then put the curved knife down and picked up a knife that looked like a serrated edged dagger. It was large and he used this to cut the baby’s throat and the baby’s blood ran down the channels in the marble altar. There was a young woman there holding a large gold goblet to catch the baby’s blood. The baby stopped screaming.

This same young woman picked up the large marble bowl with the baby boy’s flesh in it and as it was very big she put it on her hip and then picked up the goblet and took them both to ‘Medusa’, who then ate the baby’s genitals and drank some of the blood. The goblet and bowl were then passed onto the ‘warlock’, and he also ate some flesh and drank some blood. Then the same young woman came and took both the bowl and goblet again and passed them around the crowd from the eldest to the youngest to eat and drink from.

There was the same insane chanting and the ‘warlock’ was saying: That whoever ate the flesh and drank the blood that they would have eternal life from this fountain of youth”.

The crowd of people ended up in a circle. I was dragged into this circle and when it was my turn to eat the baby boy’s flesh, I would not and the ‘warlock’ came over and grabbed my nose so that I could not breathe and the young woman holding the bowl on her hip shoved a small piece of the baby boy’s flesh in my mouth. While this was happening, my nose was still being held and the only way to breathe was to then swallow the baby boy’s flesh.

Then the ‘warlock’ held the large goblet to my mouth and said: “Drink this.” I only pretended to drink from the goblet and as it was so large it spilled over the sides and ran down my chin.

A few children younger than me had to eat and drink the baby boy as well. Sometime later what was left of the baby boy’s remains were taken away.

The air smelt foul. There was a very dark oppressiveness that made the air thick and hard to breathe and ‘the strange creatures’ were everywhere.

My mother, sitting in her throne acting as ‘Medusa’, then cried out: “Let the games begin!”

The crowd then cheered and then started having sex with each other, men with men, two men with one woman, and women with women. Animals were also brought out to fuck as well and the guillotine was unveiled by my Uncle Alan, the ‘warlock’.

I believe my birth father was at this event as well. Leonard Farthing and he and my mother had separated, but both would be at these meetings.

The same young woman who had passed around the bowl and goblet then willingly walked towards the guillotine saying: “Tonight I die an honourable death.” She then knelt down on her knees and put her head in the half curved place under the metal blade and there was a wicker basket on the floor in front of her face.

A man who looked older, but whose face was hard to see as he had it painted with stripes, then knelt down behind the laughing young woman and shoved his dick into her. At this time, the ‘warlock’ was standing beside the guillotine with a rope that was hanging from it in his hand. The man fucking the young woman told the ‘warlock’ when he wanted him to pull on the rope.

The young woman was still laughing and the man fucking her nodded his head to the ‘warlock’. At the same time, my mother (‘Medusa’) screamed out hysterically: “Off with her head!” The rope was pulled and the young woman’s head came off and landed with a thud into the basket. The crowd then cheered and the man fucking the young woman got more excited with fucking the young woman’s body that was still moving, even without her head. Eventually he stopped fucking her.

Uncle Alan, in his role of ‘warlock’, then got dressed in a black robe with a hood and the same signet ring on his finger that I had seen many times before and came over and dragged me by my hair into the laboratory; this was another room in the huge basement of Pine Lodge.

The laboratory’s door was very big and made from heavy looking wood. It was unlocked and wide open. I was dragged into this laboratory by my hair and then forced into a large wooden chair. I was told that due to my continual disobedience that I was going to be punished.

Arguing only made any and all tortures worse, so I said nothing.

My mother came into the laboratory dressed as ‘Medusa’, still with the black snakes in her head, and she was wearing a mask. She had in her hands a round metal head brace with thick screws that were approximately 2 inches long.

My mother then put this metal brace around my head and Uncle Alan the ‘warlock’ had his hands firmly on both of my shoulders to keep me sitting in the chair. He was behind me and my mother was standing in front of me.

Then Uncle Alan used white cloth rags to tie both of my hands behind not only my back, but also the back of the chair, all the time complaining that he would need longer rags as my arms were too short. He then tied my ankles with some more white cloth rags around both of my ankles to the front of the chair legs. I could not move and my arms were hurting.

The metal brace was put on my head and another steel band was bolted to the top of the brace to sit over the top and crown of my head; it had a hinge on the metal brace which was then clamped shut.

My mother was still acting as ‘Medusa’ with the black snakes in her head, but they now were spitting and hissing at me. They were very scary. My mother then started to tighten the thick large screws into my head, saying: “This is what happens to bad girls.”

The pain was horrendous and the pressure from the screws got worse as my mother tightened them harder for a very long time. Finally, my mother stopped this and unclamped and took the metal brace off my head.

My mother then said: “If I am not mad, I will be punished more.” The reason my mother said this was to make it clear to me that I was supposed to say that I was mad in order to avoid further punishment.

However, I instead answered back: “I am not mad.”

Her reply was that: “Only people who admit they are mad are not mad anymore. Anyone who denies that they are mad is mad.”

I was then grabbed by my hair again by my mother and the snakes in her head started to bite me. She then dragged me by my hair across the laboratory to a long narrow table that had a helmet and leather arm and leg straps on the sides of the table.

My mother kept repeating the insane words about madness and the snakes in her head kept biting me and so I thought that if I said that I was mad, the torture would stop. So I told her that I was mad.

This only made my mother start breaking into her insane, cackling laughter. She then said:

“Seeing that you are mad, then this will fix your madness.”

Uncle Alan the ‘warlock’ and my mother the ‘witch’ then threw me onto the table saying that I needed my madness fixed.

They both put my wrists and ankles into the leather straps and tightened them so that I could not move my arms or legs. My mother then put the helmet that had some sort of cords in it onto my head. She also put something flat and hard across ways into my mouth. She then moved her right hand towards a lever. I could see some sort of gauges next to the red lever and she pulled the lever down.

My mother pulled this lever up and down many times and now I had a different horrendous pain, to not only my head, but my whole body, and my body was jerking. Electricity was being run through my body.

I vaguely remember hearing my mother say: “We cannot cure this madness, we will have to do this again another time.” The last thing I heard her say was that my name was ‘Mad Maureen’. From this point on, ‘Mad Maureen’ was the name used by my mother whenever she wanted obedience.

The next morning, still at Pine Lodge, I was dribbling, my head was aching very badly and I could hardly stand. My mother then combed my hair, telling me that I had lollies stuck in my hair, and that is was what mad people do, stick lollies in their hair.

I was then taken through the kitchen into the cool room where all the meats and vegetables were kept. There was a large door that separated the cool room from the kitchen. Again, I was stripped naked. It was freezing cold. I was dragged by my hair through a doorway to another cool room and this second doorway was closed shut and locked. The light was on and I could see headless bodies hanging on meat hooks and I saw heads on shelves. The heads were both male and female. The bodies and heads didn’t smell, so I think they were fresh. The faces on these heads were smiling.

All the shelves were filled with either heads or very large square glass jars. One jar had what looked like a tiny baby and clear liquid. The other jars had a hearts, livers, kidneys, tongues, brains and dicks, also in clear liquid. I knew all of these body parts as they would be cooked up in the ‘house from hell’ (where I lived in North Footscray, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia).

I was left in this cool room for what seemed forever. I was going blue with the freezing cold. The door was unlocked from the outside and was opened by being slid across and my mother came in and said: “Are you now going to behave yourself?” I told her I would behave myself and then she dressed me in clothes and led me out of the second cool room through the first one that had normal food, meat, beef, lamb and pork hanging from the meat hooks and vegetables in wax boxes sitting on shelves and the floor.

I was told that we were going home that day and that my hair was a mess and needed combing. She used a fine tooth comb. It hurt a lot and I started to cry, which resulted in my mother hitting me very hard in my left ear, which was a common daily thing that she did. My mother told me I had chicken pox and then undressed me and checked my naked body and said that I only had chicken pox in my hair.

She also went on to say that it was a lovely holiday and only spoke about the times we went to the beach and shops.

I now only thought of myself as ‘Given up Maureen’. In total, I ended up with many names of Maureen. My own birth name, Maureen Joan Farthing, was written in the ‘book of death’ when I was only 8 days old, as the Farthing and Harmer families write the names of all children born into their families into this ungodly book. They believe that by writing all their children’s names into this book that then all the children will belong to Satan, i.e., opposing the True God and the Lamb’s Book of Life (Holy Bible – Book of Revelations).

Another one of the round metal head braces with screws that was used on me at Pine Lodge was also kept in the ‘house from hell’. This round metal brace was used many times every week as with any specific tortures done in the Farthing and Harmer meeting places, the same objects would also be used to torture and reinforce whatever ‘frame of mind’ was made through torture in the ‘house from hell’.

Below are the drawings I did over 8 years ago for the Victorian Police. (Drawings can be found here)


End of article. This brave woman has set up a website called Escaping Ritual Abuse In Australia, from which this article was taken.

Now, I suspect you will struggle to accept what has been shared here, especially if you live inside what I call the “Scientific Worldview”, where the only thing that exists arises in the temporal or material domain and it is believed that everything that is part of that “Scientific Worldview” has arrived there through the thorough application of the scientific method (actually untrue, but the subject for another day).

But what you have just been given is a glimpse into a hidden world, a world which exercises powerful control over the world most of us perceive.

Also, I want to draw your attention to the words, “that whoever ate the flesh and drank the blood that they would have eternal life”. If you have witnessed or participated in the Christian communion service, you will recognise those words. So, which came first? If you look at the fish head hat worn by the Pope, a hat reflecting the ancient fertility God Dagon, I suggest to you that the Satanic use precedes the use of these words within Christianity, and is part of the lie that modern religion is – presenting itself as one thing but being an entirely different thing underneath.

As an illustration of this, I share this article by Dr. Reina Michaelson with you. I am only sharing brief quotes with you, but I encourage you to read the entire article:

There are paedophile rings which include government officials, politicians, TV executives, TV presenters and the police.

This is how it works worldwide…

“My child abuse prevention organisation” was infiltrated by members of a police-protected top paedophile ring in Australia.

“The members of the network include senior management and executives from a major television network, media celebrities, high-ranking politicians, police officers in charge of paedophile and child pornography investigations, senior management representatives from the Department of Education, directors of “child-focused” service clubs, wealthy businessmen, and others

… “I was to learn later that there is a Satanic cult operating in Goldtown…
The Satanic cult is very powerful within the town, and was headed up by the most powerful and influential families of the town… ‘Jeff Kennett’, the powerful politician … has significant ‘business operations’ extremely close to Goldtown, and he was driven (by his driver) to this location every week.
“Mick was introduced to the satanic cult as a very young child by an extended relative…
“From everything that I have been told by Mick, the cult appears to be the Order Templis Orientus (Illuminati), operating in Australia.
“Mick now suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder /DID but has survived his experiences remarkably well considering the traumas he has been through.
“As a child Mick was forced to attend blood-rituals, where animals and small children were sacrificed and their blood and organs consumed…

Jeff Kennett is a former Premier of Victoria and still an influential figure in the state. A far more detailed expose by Dr. Reina Michaelson can be found here, providing more detail about Jeff Kennett and others, including key media and entertainment personalities in Australia, and how and why their activities are never exposed.

Here is Fiona Barnett’s story of being trapped inside a child abuse network, mentioning powerful people in Australia and globally who were involved.

More articles in ritualistic child abuse in Australia can be found here, and the way these people take care of their own is well illustrated in this brief video from David Icke on the recent death of Leon Brittan.


Why am I sharing this with you?

It has been evident to me for some time that this abuse is a key control mechanism in our world, and if you track the tweets at #OpDeathEaters, the evidence of this global practice, along with its inevitable cover-up by police and judiciary is everywhere, including Africa. Again, David Icke has been exposing this for years, and discusses it in detail in his latest book “The Perception Deception”, and is alluded to in JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick that I shared with you recently. For example, it is clear that, at the very least the Order of the Skull and Bones, the Yale “fraternity” that has produced so many of America’s political and business leaders, involves homosexuality and very likely involves child sacrifice, as discussed by Antony Sutton in this video and this book. Sutton makes it very clear that its members do not act in the best interests of America. If not, then in whose interests do they act, apart from their own?

This video by Sacha Stone in which he interviews Jay Parker, who was born into a Satanic family in Delaware and who has healed himself, Santos Bonacci, and extraordinary Australian who is taking a personal stand against the imposed structure of corporate and legal fiction that we take to be true and who appears to have been recently incarcerated, and Lorraine Flaherty, an expert on NLP, a hypnotist and one who conducts past life regression work.

Jay was subjected to ritualistic abuse and mind control as a child and says he was taught by his mother that some 12% of the US population are Satanists, that it began about 3000BC and that it began with the Annunaki. He also says that the town he grew up in was a Du Pont satellite town and most of the residents practised Satanic, sadistic practices and human sacrifice as a matter of course. He also lists other towns in the United States. It appears that the Du Pont family have been connected to these practices since before coming to the United States.

I found the reference to the Annunaki by Jay Parker very interesting since, as a seemingly disconnected small segment in a brief book given to my business partner, Carolyn Evers entitled the Book of Love as a modern version of a book treasured by the Cathars, this small segment discussed the early Hebrews and their interference by the Annunaki:

This first section is a little bit of information about the Hebrew race. And the Hebrews believed that they were chosen by their God and, in essence, they were. It was intended that they be a catalyst on Earth, and that catalyst would be a marker to carry forth the Creator’s intentions into the world.

And the Hebrews were chosen to do this. Not only were they chosen but they felt that as a heavy duty, an obligation; and so that those who followed the strict rights of the Hebrew faith might seem fanatical to some people.

So, the Hebrews were chosen in a very special way to bring forth God’s intentions upon this planet. Now, I believe that many follow this view. What’s not understood is that this communication between God and his people was interfered with. The interference was the Annunaki, and the Annunaki interfered with humanity for a very long period of time.

They lived within a crater of what could be considered a comet, and their interference was very heavily felt every time that comet came close to Earth. And so, one has to understand that the human race started out from the very beginning with a very heavy influence by dark beings, you might almost say, from another world. And humanity has been fighting the results of that darkness ever since.

I will discuss these connections in more detail in another post.

In simple terms, unless we understand these forces that are at work in our world, we cannot understand our world and seriously act to change it.

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