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Thank you, Graham for this excellent article.

But the convincing proof is the Naga Stone itself. The message written on it is unambiguous. The local ruler of that time, Vasuki, said that the ancient Naga celebration of Panchami must be followed since it had come down to his people (whom he called Vedic people) from an ancient 10,000-year-old tradition from Sangam and Dwarka. Since the stone itself is at least 3,000 years old, it makes the ‘mother cultures’ of Sangam and Dwarka more than 13,000 years old, that is, before the end of the last great ice age.

But where were Sangam and Dwarka? “We believe that Sangam refers to an ancient Tamil civilisation and Dwarka to an ancient Gujarati one, said Akbar. “It would seem that the British writer, Graham Hancock, was right. He had postulated that there were many ancient civilisations spread across the world before the end of the last great ice age, when the sea levels were a lot lower. Two of those civilisations were based in India -one off the coast of modern Tamil Nadu and another off the coast of modern Gujarat. These civilisations were destroyed when the ice age ended and the sea levels rose. The survivors escaped to the north and established what we call the Vedic civilisation. So, according to Graham Hancock, the ancient Vedic civilisation descended from an even more ancient Tamil and Gujarati civilisation. The Naga Stone has just confirmed this theory. Clearly, our history books need some rewriting!

Graham Hancock has painstakingly gathered and shared the overwhelming evidence of advanced global civilisation prior to the end of the last ice age, and that evidence continues to grow, as this article demonstrates. I expect his follow-up to “Fingerprints of the Gods”, due out next year, will have a wealth of new, undeniable evidence.

For the rest of us, what does this mean about human history and, more importantly, who and what we are as human beings? The story that we were in caves 10,000 years ago is looking increasingly tatty, and what most don’t yet recognise is those who have sought to convince us of this idea are the same ones who sell us man-made global warming, who continue to have us at war with each other and have kept us imprisoned in a fossil fuel-dependent lifestyle for at least a hundred unnecessary years, amongst many other things including a fierce effort over the last couple of hundred years at least to destroy the evidence of historical advanced culture and to demean traditional native cultures across the planet.

Thank you, Graham, for the contribution you make to blowing these myths apart. It is time for us to join all of the dots together.

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