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Thank you, Hedy.

I have mentioned Carl Boudreau’s astrology in the past. For me, astrology is a little like the red wines of Beaujolais. Just as the truly great, long-living wines of Beaujolais were completely forgotten in the onslaught of the marketing hype of Beaujolais Nouveau over the last 4 or so decades (beginning to re-emerge in this decade), so too the great insights of real astrology have been lost in the onslaught of the daily “pop” astrology in the newspapers. Just as with those great Beaujolais, this has not destroyed the essential insights for us all carried in astrology, and Carl is, for me, one of the great practitioners.

Indeed, I have come to understand through my work just how much of what unfolds on planet Earth is foretold – dictated even – by what unfolds in the heavens, whether it be through monthly astrological patterns, the precession of the equinoxes or the mapping of constellations in the energy patterns of the planet, as demonstrated in the pyramids at Giza (Orion) and the key Gothic Cathedrals in France (Virgo).

The patterns and the messages of those patterns for February as revealed by Carl Boudreau in his blog and on YouTube are very powerful indeed.

For example, we have 7 major moon events (full or new moon) in a 3-month period (January to March) and only one in February (full moon on the 14th) – quite a rare occurrence.

Cutting to the chase, I quote:

Taken as a whole, this triangle marks a powerfully transformative moment. It puts our ideas and attitudes, indeed, our very personalities, in flux and moves us in a decidedly Aquarian direction.

This triangle, like this overall chart, leads us beyond political and economic reform to soul searching and thoughts about how we can better align ourselves and members of our community and ultimately our nation with the expectations of our higher selves.

Those clinging to the past, or trying to hold the rest of us prisoners in the past, have a reckoning in store.

End of quote.

Even if you have paid little attention to astrology in the past, I encourage you to take a moment and examine the amazing patterns that are present above our heads this month.

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