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The GFC of 2008, triggered by the illegal leveraging of the US housing market, saw the reserves of countries drained around the globe.

The next round, just getting underway, will drain the reserves of medium depositors through bail-in provisions that have recently been activated in most countries. I say medium because the big guys are always forewarned and take protective action, whilst the smallest depositors, at least in some jurisdictions, are protected by threshold protections put in place of, say, $100,000.

This model was given its test run in Cyprus in March/April 2013.

The global bail-in model was given the go ahead at the G20 meeting in Brisbane in November 2014 and endorsed by the Financial Stability Board (FSB), one of those secretive global banking organisations that you probably haven’t heard of and which coordinates policy for the central banks of the world, in its review document of April 2013 (the timing of this report illustrates that the Cyprian bail-in was very clearly a test run). It was implemented in Europe and the US effective January 1 this year (just in time for the unwinding that began from the first day of stockmarket trading in 2016). Australia appears to have not yet got its legislation over the line, in part because of proactive pushback by the public. This example from Italy, however, suggests that in some jurisdictions it has been in place for a while and may have no small depositor protection.

This recent video from David Icke puts the bail-in practice into its broader context, joining the dots in the actions of the global elite to fleece the public of their assets. As David explains, none of this, including the global financial crises themselves are by accident and are carefully planned over a long period of time.

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