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Gordon Duff lays out how the sexual drive, fuelled by a range of carefully crafted incentives and the lubrication of the process by the agents of the global elite and their three letter security agencies across the globe, set up the horrors we are witnessing in the Middle East and Europe in particular:

The game is called chaos theory. The goal is destabilization, putting the world “in play.” The tool is sexual frustration driven by cultural bias and economic hardship, put in play by the CIA to move literal armies of young Islamic males around the world.

Those not being sent as jihadists for ISIS or the oft rebranded “moderate” mercenary surrogate armies, now flood the cities of the world where carefully orchestrated press, staged incidents, false flag terrorism and a very real social disaster is radicalizing fearful Americans and Europeans, driving them to political suicide. None of this is an accident.

To the CIA and other agencies that are run by social scientists with excessive moral flexibility, all conflict is good, an agent for change and all change can be controlled, directed and managed.

Agents of change are typically terrorism, political strife, poverty and, less well known, sex. You see, the current agent of chaos, the one dominating the world scene is testosterone, the drive for “coupling” by the endless population of young males willing to uproot themselves from hopeless lives and go wherever they are directed for whatever task is put in front of them.

All that is required is the promise of sex and maybe hope for a life of some kind even if the work is tyranny and beheadings.

The author of these migrations, mostly Islamic males, is the CIA, MI6 and the Mossad along with France’s DGSE. Intelligence agencies are agents of change “on the cheap” and operate best when governments fall, when alliances crumble and when social unrest festers and erupts into open conflict.

Here, the “masters of the universe,” the Washington and Tel Aviv think tanks, the self-proclaimed geniuses of Whitehall, themselves no more than jackals serving an unseen master, manipulate the world with Twitter and Facebook. There is a wonderful efficiency to social media, anonymous, deniable, cheap and dirty, oh so very dirty.

In America, it is done from Ft. Huachuca, Arizona, the US Army Intelligence School. There every Arabic dialect is known, every social network penetrated, the word is put out:

German women are all whores, you can simply rip their clothing off and have your way with them. German authorities are cowards, the German people weak and best of all, the German government will pay you to live like a king and you never have to work.”

End of quote.

I commend the rest of his article to you.


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