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I have shared quite a bit of the information that has come my way about the created nature of the Ebola outbreak; however, the evidence of this continues to grow, along with evidence relating to the intentions of those behind it, and how you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

Here is another post from Jon Rappoport on the views of experts regarding testing for Ebola. I quote:

For example, “It is impossible to consider the virological diagnosis of Ebola virus infection loose [apart] from the diagnosis of haemorrhagic fevers in general. The clinical picture of the disease indeed is too nonspecific to allow any hypothesis as to which virus may be responsible for any given case.”


Here is a particularly illuminating quote: “…it is becoming clear, to us at least, that the more work you do with the FA-Test [an antibody test for Ebola diagnosis] the more interesting, the more complicated and the more biologically sloppy the results become. I would urge very great caution in making any kind of final interpretation of what you have just heard [from other presenters]…I cannot explain how a Panamanian Indian can have antibodies to Ebola virus. I don’t think these are real antibodies. Of course if these are not, it means that any others in a given serum [blood sample from a patient] may not be as well. It is clear that we must have an alternative and a much more specific method with which we can answer these questions. Several facts suggest endemicity of Ebola in Zaire…I’m beginning to believe that the virus may in fact be endemic in Zaire.”

What do the last two sentences mean? They mean there is a significant chance that Ebola has been present in Zaire for a long, long time, and people have developed natural immunity to it, as they would to, say, measles or mumps.

End of quote.

It’s challenging to correlate this with what we hear in the mainstream media – but frankly, that’s what I expect.

Then we have interesting occult evidence from The Simpsons…

I have mentioned previously that those who run the game feel on some level compelled to reveal their plans to the public, if not exactly shouting it from the rooftops. For example, the plans for 9/11 were revealed in this clip from the Simpsons and elsewhere,  and the plans for the Boston Marathon bombing hoax were revealed in an episode of The Family Guy. It seems that the plans to release Ebola in the United States was also revealed in The Simpsons.

Then we have the smoking gun discussed by RT of a request revealed by WikiLeaks from German officials to the US military demanding confirmation that the Ebola virus and others they planned to send to them in 2009 would not be weaponised.

Then we have this wonderful piece of work in the N.Y. Times seeking to discredit Dr. Rima Laibow and her Nano Silver treatment, a treatment validated by the US Army.

And perhaps the pièce de résistance is the revelation that Obama’s newly-appointed Ebola czar, Ron Klain, said in an interview just a couple of days ago that he sees overpopulation as the world leadership’s top concern… Sounds like the perfect guy to be minimising the impact of a carefully crafted viral weapon.

But fear not. The wonderful, truly miraculous vaccine cure will be with us in just a moment…

You simply cannot make this stuff up.

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