The evidence of global paedophilia at the highest levels of power and authority continues to be exposed

I have written a lot about the satanic use of child sexual abuse and child sacrifice in our world, as part of the way our world is controlled at the highest levels of power and control, including politics, business, judicial and administrative, most of it well before the revelations at the time of Trump’s election and since, known as PizzaGate.

And this evidence continues to build, as this video portrays. Further, there is now talk of a video on the dark web showing Hillary Clinton and her assistant Huma Abedin engaging in the sexual abuse and sacrifice of a young girl. If you have read Cathy O’Brien’s early books, this will be of no surprise to you.

What is changing is the exposure and the recognition of how it is used.

Will we see it fully exposed and cleared from our world?

May it be so. 


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