The global economy

There was a time when I studied the markets in great detail using the methods of WD Gann. Not anymore, but I do keep a weather eye on them.

There is no doubt that the global economy is in far worse shape than the stockmarkets would indicate, and there are many who expect we will see a significant fall in these markets in the near future, which may lead to drastic fallout within the global financial system – all engineered, of course. Has this begun?

The DOW peaked at 16576 on December 30th last year. It has since made three lower highs, this week seeing a high on Tuesday of 16508. Its close on Friday was 15879, a fall from Tuesday’s high of 629, 318 of that fall occurring on Friday, a fall of 3.8% from Tuesday’s high.

The GFC of 2008 was used to drain the government coffers from the US and Europe in particular, so there are no government reserves to absorb the shock if and when it comes.

I am not saying you should do anything in particular, but for me, I plan to have useful cash reserves on hand (seeing I’m in the US) and have access to gold and silver coinage, along with plenty of food, water and petrol/gas supplies and I have no position in these markets.

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