The Mystery of Consciousness

The nature of consciousness is a subject I will return to in the future, but for now I want to share this refreshing perspective – for a scientist. Dr. Michael Clarage acknowledges the extensive work using the rigorous application of the scientific process in areas of psychic phenomena.

The results are more statistically certain than the clinical trials have to be in order to get a new drug released.”

Now, given the compromised nature of the FDA, this might not be saying much, but it does point out that there are powerful results that demonstrate the reality of these phenomena well beyond chance, and he provides some links to the underlying work. One of my favourites is the evidence using random number generators of a massive shift from randomness beginning some 8 hours before 9/11. Purely chance, of course.

So, if my scientific worldview friends are willing to challenge your rigid materialist belief systems, this video and its associated links might be a good place to start. But beware. Your beliefs will be placed under some serious threat by the work of those such as Dean Radin and Rupert Sheldrake.

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