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Translated from the German by Google Translate, and shared with me by a German Jew – thank you, Dagmar:

“The Holocaust is the biggest lie in history. Germany has no blame for the Second World War and Adolf Hitler was the only statesman in the world, the front of the plutocratic Jewish danger could have saved in order to liberate the enslaved planet back the world.”

A prominent Jew has now made ​​a start, he could no longer bear the lie and took the consequences into account, to unmask “the biggest lie in history” and the mightiest fraudulent companies of mankind history. In his first book appeared in English “Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil” (to order here), he breaks through all criminal taboos. He writes: “The Holocaust is the biggest lie in history Germany has no blame for the Second World War and Adolf Hitler was the only statesman in the world, the front of the plutocratic Jewish danger could have saved in order to liberate the enslaved planet again the world. . ”

The author, Gerard Menuhin, known filmmaker and writer, son of the world-famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin, called the forced upon us Holocaust story not only as the biggest lie in history. He goes with these revelations to the public, just because his father was from the generation experience and knew the truth. And it goes much further than to denounce only the holo-lie alone. What was previously unthinkable has now openly of this noble people of Jewish descent – and an earthquake will follow. Just imagine yourself, a famous Jew says that the hope of humanity was entitled to have seen in Adolf Hitler the man who would rid the world of the Jewish plutocracy. Menuhin stresses in his book that it took the most horrible and the worst war of all time to prevent the salvation of humanity from the Jewish plutocracy. These facts probably know the enlightened, but that such a prominent Jew, a man of the noblest character, this makes public, no one would have dared to hope.

Already “Just the fact that the Jewish ‘Holocaust’ must not be questioned and that Jewish pressure democratic societies has imposed laws to prevent unwanted questions – during the same allegedly indisputable ‘Holocaust’ constantly: Gerard Menuhin writes in his book further propaganda warmed and faith is strengthened in him by indoctrination – already says it all, it proves that it must be a lie Why would it not otherwise be allowed to question him because it might offend the ‘survivors’..?? Because it ‘reviles the memory of the dead?’ Hardly sufficient grounds to prohibit a discussion No,! Such laws were adopted because the unmasking of this greatest of all lies could draw questions on so many other lies by itself, provoking the collapse of the whole friable building “.

This book might makes the decisive contribution to crush “the biggest lie in history” final. Menuhin could be another celebrity role model, and finally to tell the truth and to help initiate the liberation of all mankind.

Menuhin continued: “While the nations of the world consume in endless wars, the banksters are by this blood-gold getting richer The people of the world have been completely excluded from the important for their existence decision processes It does not matter which.. System of Normal man lives today, whether. the ruling elite is always in a democracy, republic, theocracy or dictatorship stronger and richer, while those responsible for the value added populations can barely survive. Behind the scenes control ethnic Strippenzieher their puppets, they at the switching points of our systems have set. How could the world sink into this quagmire? Who could spare us this destiny and what can we do today for our salvation yet? ”

These are the questions raised by Gerard Menuhin.

The book consists of three parts. The first part deals with the Holocaust lie and the so-called perpetrator Adolf Hitler. The second part of the book reveals the activities of the real criminals and provides a historical overview of the progress of their crimes, and how they do it. Especially how they use their financial and media power for their crimes. The third part deals with the two world wars, the current laws against the freedom of expression and the emergence of global Orwellian state.

As I said, this is not just any author, but the son of the US-born violinist Yehudi Menuhin century, Baron Menuhin of Stoke d’Abernon. Yehudi Menuhin, although he was descended from an old rabbi-line, always condemned already with all severity the crimes of the Jewish state of Israel in connection with the robbery of Palestine.

End of quote.

Will this be a milestone in our understanding what has been perpetrated upon humanity?

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