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This article is a good example of the mainstream media portrayal of the shooting.

Within hours we have the White House bringing out the gun control playbook, and we have a supposedly pro-gun Senator Manchin coming forth and saying, “It’s common sense. It’s time to move beyond rhetoric. We need to sit down and have a common-sense discussion and move in a reasonable way.

Oh, and the shooter supposedly filmed the shooting on his phone – as you would…

But by this morning, we are seeing those who know better – in this case, a southern black man who’s been in shootings and know how people react – blowing the lid off it.

Watch his video.

He makes the following points:

  • The hand on the gun is white (the supposed shooter was black). He wasn’t alone in spotting this.
  • The pistol used in the shooting was not ejecting shells, as a real life pistol would.
  • The woman being shot did not react the way someone being shot would react. This man says he’s been there…
  • After three shots, the woman turns and runs away, still hold her microphone. He says in a real shooting, she’d be on the ground after the first shot.
  • There’s no blood.
  • The woman being interviewed did not react as somebody would when they are in the firing line.

There are other points, but that’ll do for our purposes.

Yet another false flag event to heighten the pressure for gun control in America.

Expect more of these events. These people know how to stage manage public theatre. We’ve been living inside of it for all of our lives.

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