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I have been working my way through the Keshe Foundation teachings of last week, which saw Mehran Keshe teach anyone who wants to listen how to build one of the plasma reactors that he released to Europe last week and elsewhere in the coming weeks.

In the afternoon teaching of Wednesday October 28th,  he had this to say:

Any opposition to the development of the plasma technology comes from those who want to abuse you. And they’ve got so used to it that (they think) there’s something wrong with you, “you don’t let us abuse you more, that you want your freedom.”

In the past 24 hours, one of the most leading opposition groups to the new technologies has come to the Keshe Foundation to talk. They have approached us in a very direct way to start negotiation to allowing the technology to be opened up worldwide, because they realized in the past two days, we broke the status quo.

So, our job is to teach. You call them Illuminati, you call them Rothschilds; they want to talk. They realise their taboo, their control over energy, in the past 48 hours is over. If we come to any arrangement with them, you will know. And this is how it will work. These are the elites which control everything; now they realise they themselves are part of everything.

We disclose it. We always tell you in advance of everything that is coming up. It might happen in the next 24 hours or the next 20 days; we’ll explain to you. The people who opposed us even to last week, in the past two days’ teaching have changed their position. Even one of our biggest enemy governments has given us a green signal last night. They want to talk.

So, it’s our job to explain the totality in understanding how the situation will change for mankind. It’s a very big problem; are we staying in the status quo here, or are we moving to the new dimension. And showing the technology in the past two days how easy it is, and the scientists are working like a crazy lot in the background, they have seen the results. They know the change has come.

But now, the biggest problem is if the rest of you, as the human race, are ready to take the step.

End of quote.

There are many threads to this statement, including the confirmation of those who run our world behind the scenes.

As I’ve said several times, this technology is changing the world as we know it.

I expect those coming to negotiate want to keep control, but I doubt Keshe will be party to it. His vision is much larger than that.

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