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There is growing recognition that the story that Hitler’s National Socialists killed 6M Jews, primarily in gas chambers, is a massive hoax, perpetrated by the Talmudic, satanic Jews who control our world, and who controlled all of the so-called allies (United States, Britain and Russia) prior to WWII.

Perhaps the clearest illustration is this video made by the then young, highly intelligent Jewish American called David Cole, who simply went to Auschwitz to understand the horror of it all and quickly realised it was all a hoax.

Of course there were Jews who suffered such conditions as PTSD after WWII, just as many other people did; and name me a war where many of the people who experienced it and survived did not suffer from PTSD.

I shared my own journey to the understanding of all of this in this post. Again, this was not something I was looking for. It unfolded as I followed the threads after hearing how David Cole had been exposed after hiding as David Stein in Hollywood for many years, exposed by an ex-girlfriend whose expensive lifestyle David had decided to stop funding.

And to mark the day, Nick Kollerstrom donated a copy of his book Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust, Myth & Reality  in which he shares the overwhelming scientific evidence that hangs this hoax out to dry, to the Ennis Public Library.

Until we understand this hoax that has been perpetrated upon the world, we cannot begin to understand how our world works and begin to take it back.

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