TPP: Time for Abbott to rethink this ‘preferential’ and ‘dangerous’ agreement

Thank you, Nods.

At least some people in Australia are, belatedly, making noise about the consequence of the TPP for Australia and Australians.

But people do not understand that so-called free trade agreements have all been about creating the global context for one world government, along with some specific objectives of gutting existing economies such as the United States and Australia. As James Perloff explains in his book “Truth Is a Lonely Warrior”, the GATT agreement was used to gut American industry, and few can argue it has not been wildly successful.

Nor do they largely understand that the hand that crafts these agreements is not the public hand of government that is seen to be negotiating them. Indeed, the way the TPP and its Atlantic TTIP equivalent are being negotiated in secret, with no congressional authority to change them and in most cases, even look at their content, screams at us the nature of their agenda.

But it’s all part of our global controllers’ agenda to further empower the global corporations that represent their interests and gut what remains of any “national” ability to oppose them.

And so, the game rolls on whilst most of us try to make the best of our daily lives.

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