Trump Orders VT Eliminated

VT Servers Hacked by US Army Cyber Command, Ft. Huachuca

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Sources at the highest levels of America’s intelligence community warned Veterans Today that President Trump acting with select members of his team including General McMaster, ordered Veterans Today taken down.

Veterans Today has been subjected to national security level malicious software hacks for nearly 12 hours.

We have much more to tell.  We are now officially enemies of the gangsters that have taken control of America’s military and security apparatus.  Wish us luck, we are all you have left. g

End of quote.

Whilst there are plenty of times I disagree with the content of the material posted by Veterans Today, including with Gordon himself (his willingness to back Hillary, when she and Trump are just different faces on the same beast is an example), VT is one of my “go to” sources of what’s actually going on most days. It’s no surprise they are under attack, as is most of the Alt Media. The VT team bring forth way too much truth for those who run the MSM and so-called government, both of whom represent the same interests. Though I’d be very surprised if they don’t find a way to protect themselves.

Hang in there, guys.


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