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Than you, Sean, for this quote.

Being spiritual

There are many elements to walking a truly spiritual path, but this quote is certainly an important part of it.

It also includes being willing to have your beliefs challenged by the evidence. It is my experience that when beliefs are powerful enough, regardless of who you are, you will simply avoid the evidence that will threaten your strongly held beliefs, and often seek out “evidence” to reinforce or defend your beliefs. You cannot be truly authentic if you are not willing to expose your strongly held beliefs to contrary evidence. This takes courage and a willingness to be shown that you have misunderstood or been misled, in whatever manner. Indeed, no belief is worthy of NOT exposing it to an alternative explanation. But few are willing, including most reading this.

Unless you have built a true inner sense of who and what you are, when your beliefs are seriously challenged, you feel as if who and what you are is being challenged or even destroyed. Those who run religions or use propaganda rely on this, and it works like a charm.

We are NOT our beliefs, but that is a truth that few are truly willing to embrace. When you are conscious and aware, you can hold your beliefs up to the light and be willing to re-evaluate them in the light of the evidence. It is rare to find people truly willing to do this, in my experience.

There is a fundamental drive within all of us to believe in our own “rightness”. The mistake we make is that, because most of us have not built a true sense of who and what we are, we unconsciously take on that our beliefs are a fundamental part of that “rightness”, when they are not. To return to the above quote, when we become truly conscious and aware, our beliefs are like the clothes we wear , and whilst they are useful, we are able to discard them when the weather changes or they wear out. Most people never learn this in our current world.

If you don’t learn this and apply it rigorously in your life, you can never be free.

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Thank you, Sean. Relates to my last post. Please follow and like us:
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