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This is an interesting perspective on the arrest of six FIFA officials:

I celebrated on hearing the news as I was driving my car.  Six corrupt FIFA officials – redundant adjective there – had been arrested by Swiss police at the behest of the US Department Of Justice. What’s not to like? I also observed, correctly as it turned out, that they’d all be Sepp Blatter’s Third World foot soldiers. Sadly Blatter was not among those arrested even though he’s corrupt enough to make former US Attorney General Holder look clean.

But wait a minute!  These arrests were instigated by Holder’s replacement, another corrupt black AA appointee. What the hell are they doing prosecuting corruption? That’d be like prosecutions for speeding at the Indianapolis 500. And should the DoJ not already be busy chasing up the crooks of Wall Street? You know the ones robbing trillions from the unfortunate public. So what the hell is the American DoJ doing in this case at all? Corrupt foreigners, trivial amounts of money, and a game of little interest to the general American public?  And the arrests announced by the AG herself while the New York Slimes is ready and waiting in the hotel lobby at 6 a.m. to capture the arrests?

All very odd.  Very odd indeed. And then the penny dropped.  Could it really be? You see on Friday FIFA is due to vote on expelling Israel from the organisation, effectively isolating that country from football while opening up the same possibility for other sports. An unprecedented experience for FIFA and a  deeply humiliating one for Israel. Sporting pariah status.  Observers say the votes were there. But the arrests now blow everything up in the air and nobody knows what will be decided – about anything – at this week’s meeting. So did the USA pull the equivalent of a ‘United Nations veto’? You know where they always veto UN resolutions critical of Israel, regardless of the merits?

Well let’s just say that strangers things have happened.

Maybe ZOG has struck again?

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