White Widow: Who is Samantha Lewthwaite?

Mind control games, anyone? http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-09-27/white-widow3a-who-is-samantha-lewthwaite3f/4984124?WT.mc_id=newsmail

“I knew her when she was a child. She was very innocent, lacking confidence, shy and very easy to get on with. She was a follower not a leader,” the former Aylesbury mayor Raj Khan said. 

Mr Khan says he cannot imagine her being involved in the Nairobi attack. 

“The person that I knew, I would find that she would be incapable of doing such sophisticated terrorism activity because the Samantha that I knew, I can’t imagine it,” he said. 

We see these words quite often, and whilst it’s not a simple formula, it’s highly likely we are seeing somebody who has been “worked over” by the mind control creeps. Sounds like her husband may have also been. 

Also, I have not had time to look into the Kenyan massacre, but on the surface it carries all of the hallmarks of another US intervention, spread over several years if you join the dots. So what’s in Kenya that they want to control? Anyone know? 

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