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I have been tracking the work of Kevin Annett, a Canadian former Uniting Church minister who was drummed out of his ministry for pursuing the evidence of systematic genocide by the Uniting and Catholic churches in Canada, for some years. More recently, Kevin has fostered the creation of a people’s court in Brussels, which is pursuing the prosecution of the Catholic and Anglican churches and the British royal family (though it will reach to similar so-called royal families in Europe in due course), for their activities involving systematic child abuse, torture and sacrifice. Most of us find this notion abhorrent and almost impossible to comprehend, yet the evidence is quite substantial and comes from multiple sources.

Most of the publicity of these actions has come from Kevin himself, so for me, this article discussing the case being launched in Brussels is a powerful statement in itself. Given that the official judicial and law enforcement organisations will not acknowledge or support this court and court action since they are complicit, the publicity of these actions, the evidence brought forth and the resulting rulings by this court will need exposure through alternative paths, and a sufficient level of public exposure of the court’s evidence and rulings will be needed for its actions to go forward.

Perhaps this effort by Kevin Annett and the IPCC will be the thread that finally begins the exposure of the abhorrent world that exists at the highest levels of power and control in our world.

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