Was one of the Operation Northwoods plans used with MH-17?

This article illustrates how a false flag plane crash was part of the Operation Northwoods plans to discredit Fidel Castro in the 60’s. If you have watched the videos from Pilots for 9/11 Truth, these very scenarios appear to have been played out at the time of 9/11.

My point is that if you think such scenarios are far-fetched, or that what you hear from the mainstream media is going to be the truth of the matter, I encourage you to think again.

Free, Easy-to-use Encrypted Calling Finally Comes To The iPhone

If you have been following the NSA and related stories, you will understand that every phone call you make, whether it be on your landline or mobile/cell phone, is being recorded and swept up in the global data collection machine. Often you will not care, but sometimes you may. There have been encrypted calling options available for some time, but they have either been complex to use and/or require a special phone or a licence fee. A free and easy-to use solution that has been available on Android phones for some time (called Redphone) has now been released in a more refined form for the iPhone as Signal.

This article provides a good overview and this one provides more detail. I have been watching this emerge and I commend it to you.

Was the plane claimed to be MH-17 in Fact the ‘Lost’ Flight MH-370?

Thank you, Sean.

When I saw the photos of pristine passports, I began to wonder if there was some connection to the missing MH-370. Well, there is some interesting evidence that has emerged that this may be so. For example, the window layout on the crash site wreckage does not match that of the plane supposedly flying MH-17 that day, but it DOES match the window layout of the missing MH-370 plane. This may sound far-fetched to some of you, but when you consider the scale of the illusion created on 9/11, this is but child’s play. For example, the planes supposedly crashed that day were still flying years later… I’m not saying this is the plane that was flying as MH-370 that day, but it is an interesting possibility to consider. And I wonder what the window layout of the MAS plane the Israelis purchased and held/hold in Tel Aviv is like? Certainly the official version has many pieces that just do not fit.

Executive Order 12333 – the least-known but biggest aspect of NSA surveillance

With all the noise about the actions of the NSA, perhaps their most powerful authorisation, Executive Order 12333,  issued by Reagan in 1981, has been flying under the radar.

Another miscarriage of justice: the sentencing of Tarek Mehanna

Tarek Mehanna, born in America, was sentenced to 17.5 years in jail as a terrorist. I commend his sentencing statement for your reading.

MH17 Recovered PASSPORTS in PERFECT CONDITION, Also Expired Passport

The evidence is emerging that the MH17 crash is perhaps not what it seems. As this video shows, mint quality passports and boarding passes have shown up at the crash site. Not likely to survive a plane crash in mint condition. So what is going on here?

Hackers addressed – for the moment

There have been numerous attempts to hack and shut down this blog. It seems there was a hack that was allowing me to get to it, but not readers, especially those from mobile devices. I believe it is – for now – corrected and I have cleared all those sites that have been locked out. So, if you have trouble accessing it, you should be fine – for now…

Reports that Putin flew similar route as MH17

I am not saying there is anything in this, but it is an interesting perspective on the MH17 attack, and one you won’t see on the mainstream media, I would guess.

The return of George Orwell and Big Brother’s war on Palestine

Another powerful message from John Pilger on how numbed and blinded we have become to the processes of war and the murder that is part and parcel of war in our world.

Who will be left when they come for you?

Intentional misinformation about Antarctic sea ice levels


If you read the mainstream press, such as this article today, you would think that the Antarctic ice is melting. Yet the truth is the Antarctic ice is setting new record high levels!!!

There are few more graphic examples of the climate deceit than this one. Yes, there is an area showing melting, apparently due to volcanic activity under the ice, but this is more than offset by the general ice level. Also, if you look at the history of ice levels in the Arctic and Antarctic, it is not unusual for them to be trending in opposite directions.

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