CONFIRMED SCALAR Weather Modification – Dual beams cause instant storms

I have referred in the past to the work of dutchsinse regarding weather modification using HAARP and other technologies. This brief video shares recent public confirmation of the effectiveness of such technology.

CIA is the origin of the term “Conspiracy Theory”

Today we accept the term “Conspiracy Theory” as part of our lexicon. Indeed it is widely used as a term to simply discredit people who bring forth information about how the world actually works. For many people, just using the term is enough of a reason to dismiss what they/I may say. However, when people do this, they usually do not know the origin of the term as a creation of the CIA as a tool to discredit those who would disagree with the conclusion of the Warren Commission into the assassination of JFK. And it still has the power it was created to have.

Easter Breaking News Release by Kevin Annett from Rome: Catholic Church Disestablished

Thank you, Molly.

It is clear from these videos from Kevin Annett that he is not about to take a backward step in exposing the ritualistic torture and sacrifice of children that is at the heart of the Catholic and other churches, as is coming forth in the common law court he and others have championed in Brussels.

Privatization of Water as an Owned Commodity Rather Than a Universal Human Right

The World Bank has been financing global privatization of the earth’s water supply making clean water that is so necessary for survival an unaffordable private commodity for the poorest people on earth to even access. They are literally dying of thirst and disease because of greedy psychopathic corporate profiteers once again placing theft and greed over human welfare and life itself.

The Origins of the Easter Festival – Honouring the Goddess of Spring and Fertility

Interestingly, I was discussing the origins of Easter in the last few days. I have long recognised the origins of Christmas as the winter solstice celebration in the northern hemisphere, but what of Easter? Rabbits and eggs? This article sheds a light on the likely origins of Easter, and some of its more sinister overtones and practices that continue to this day.

How the Rothschilds manipulate and control the world

This seminar snippet from David Icke steps through the essence of how the Rothschilds manipulated the Jewish people to create Israel and illustrates part of how they exercise control of other countries, such as the United States. David’s views are supported very directly by this interview with Eustace Mullins. The evidence of how the world is run is right in our faces if we are willing to look, but most are not.

George Carlin explains how the world actually works

George Carlin was one of those comedians who told us how things really are, and in this clip he paints the core of it all in just 3 minutes. Take a moment to watch it.

Kevin Annett discusses the child trafficking, child sacrifice and abuse case against Pope Francis and others with Alexandra Meadors

Alexandra Meadors has conducted an excellent interview with Kevin Annett regarding the currently active case against Pope Francis, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Queen Elizabeth and others, a common law case being conducted in Brussels. Apart from discussing details of the case and the nature of the evidence, he also discusses how most courts are now corporatized, as mentioned by many others. Kevin also discusses the driving forces on the planet behind these vile practices against and involving the abuse and the sacrifice of children.

For me, this is such an important interview that I have stripped out the sound file as an mp3 file, which you can download from here and upload to your phone or wherever to listen to as you drive, if you wish.

As I have mentioned before, this legal action is a doorway to exposing the deeply entrenched practice of paedophilia and child sacrifice on our planet, and the reasons behind it.

Eustace Mullins explains the New World Order and its control by the world’s bankers

Eustace Mullins (1923-2010) was quite a character. I quote from this website:

Eustace Mullins is the last living protege of Ezra Pound, the author of the only book burned in Germany since Hitler (a burning under the direction of Americans) and a former researcher for Joseph McCarthy. He’s known almost everyone on the American Right for the last 50 years, and is one of the most hated men in America in some circles. He belongs to no group, espouses no movement or party and doesn’t give a damn what you think of him.

It is clear to me from watching this video, that Mullins was a free thinker who undertook comprehensive and thorough research into the subjects of interest to him – and he tells it like it is. In an hour he covers the history of the Rothschild dynasty and how it works today, the nature of the false independence of the United States and many other related issues. From my own research, everything he has to say here is on the money – so to speak.

LUCK, RISKS AND FREEDOM – Graham Hancock’s journey to being a successful, world-renowned author

Thank you, Graham, for sharing a small piece of your journey.

BTW, there’s probably a book in this journey of yours, though you’re probably too self-deprecating to write it.


A young man recently wrote to me as follows: “I’m 21 years of age and now that I know better, I realise that I can’t live the same way as everybody else. Is there any advice you could give me on how to get by and how to make a living whilst promoting the cause? (Without supporting the corruption?) How did you/do you do it? Do you think I should write a book? How did you make your money at the start/start your career? Do you have any contacts to recommend? I want to offer what I have to the world and be able to live securely whilst doing that. I have no idea how to go about it, though.”

Here’s my reply, which I hope may be of interest to others with similar questions:

Well done on being such a wide awake character so young! It’s good that you know who you are and where you want to go. As to how to get there, I’m afraid there are no easy answers. You just have to follow your path and hope for the best. Making a living out of following your path is very hit-and-miss and there is no sure-fire formula on how to do it. Sometimes you get lucky; sometimes you don’t. I’ve always winged it and lived a very financially edgy life for many years. In 1975 at age 25 I managed to persuade the Leverhulme Foundation to give me a research grant to go and live in Somalia for a year (ostensibly to study the effects of the writing of the Somali language — unwritten until 1972 — on journalism there). It was a pittance. I and my first wife, who I’d met in London but happened to be Somali — lived on next to nothing, but somehow we got by. I did sell a few articles on Somalia to magazines while I was there so when we came back in 1976 I had some cred as an “Africa journalist” and got a job with New Internationalist Magazine as one of their co-editors. While working full-time for magazines, which I did until 1979 when I was 29, I always hussled to write freelance pieces on the side, drawing on my strengths (for example I covered the Ogaden war between Somalia and Ethiopia for the Sunday Times in 1977 during a month’s unpaid leave of absence from New Internationalist). In late 1979 I went freelance completely and in ’81 the Economist appointed me as their stringer (“East Africa Correspondent”) based out of Nairobi. The only guaranteed income from the Economist was a £50 per month retainer but I got paid for each story I succeeded in placing in the magazine. On top of that I did whatever freelance work I could. I also wrote my first book, “Journey Through Pakistan”, published in ’82 — a project with my great friend the photographer Mohamed Amin who unfortunately was killed in the Ethiopian Airlines hijack in ’96.

So to cut a long story short I supported myself with various freelance writing, editing and publishing activities throughout the 1980′s (returned to London from Kenya in 1983). It was often very lean, and I kept getting deeper and deeper into debt, sometimes hardly able to make it from one month to the next, always threatened by banks and maxed out credit cards, etc. But I was building my track record as an author with a series of books mainly on current affairs and travel related issues, so that each time it got easier to extract a (usually very small) advance from publishers for the next book. I had begun to follow the story of what would be my first bestseller — “The Sign and the Seal” — when I was visiting Ethiopia as a journalist in 82/83 but it took a long time before I knew there was a book in it and the contract was signed with various publishers in 1989. It was the first time I got paid anything like a decent sum of money to write a book, but the research costs were huge and when “The Sign and The Seal” was published in ’92 (reaching No 6 on the Sunday Times non-fiction bestseller list) it didn’t recoup what I had spent on it and I fell even deeper into debt. I remember being totally depressed for most of the next year by continuous financial hassles, unable to open the latest threatening letter from banks, credit cards etc, but I was by then working on “Fingerprints of the Gods”. Again there was a healthy advance from publishers but not enough to live on for three years and pay all the huge research and travel costs so somehow I managed to borrow more money from the bank, remortgaged my house thrice, and maxed out on more credit cards. I was, by this time, seriously, cripplingly in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy. But miracle of miracles when “Fingerprints” was published in 1995 (by which time I was 45 years old) it became an instant bestseller in many counties (something I hadn’t counted on or expected in any way) and eventually cleared all my massive debts.

So I was lucky. I followed my heart, I took risks and eventually I wrote a book that compensated those risks and finally put me in a place where I didn’t need to explain myself to bankers and other creditors and could live a blessed free and adventurous life with some financial security as well. But the price I paid for living a free life before that was pretty much 20 years of continuous financial stress and insecurity!

I would always advise follow your heart, take the financial risks, work incredibly hard all the time and trust in the universe to look after you in the end, but there are no guarantees and sometimes the risks don’t pay off. That is the nature of the game. We do all have to make a living, keep a roof over our heads, have clothes to wear, and if we’re adventurous we want to — need to! — travel and explore. So you have to find a way, I would suggest through your writing, to support yourself at least minimally while you follow your dream. The bad bargain most people make is that they don’t follow their dream and focus totally on financial security and that leads to great dissatisfaction and frustration. On the other hand being constantly in debt and struggling is also dissatisfying and frustrating! As I say there are no easy answers.

Wishing you luck and joy on your path.

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