Financial Elite are Trying to Destroy Russia

If you hadn’t understood why oil prices have come down sharply, this video on its impact on Russia tells the story.

Big food corporations committing massive organic fraud

There are simply no limits to what these “born to rule” people will do.

It seems they are hijacking the rapidly growing organic food industry by lining the pockets of the USDA and relevant politicians to abuse this category. That is, organically labelled food is not necessarily organically grown.

Should we be surprised? I’m not. I have watched the explosion in availability and promotion of organic food in the nearby American grocery stores, because people want decent food. Not for long will it be that.

Man films US cops beating suspect, gets arrested

This video shows footage of a guy being beaten and shares the words of the guy who filmed it and was subsequently arrested for doing so. His words at the end of the video are prophetic:

“I don’t think anyone has the power to play judge, jury and executioner at the same time.”

That’s EXACTLY what’s happening with police across the globe. It’s perhaps more advanced in the United States than other Western countries, but it’s coming everywhere. Spain has just made it illegal to film the police, the state of Illinois in the United States has just done so and it will spread everywhere. The police are not accountable anymore and they are apparently being hired and trained to be this aggressive. There are some wonderful, dedicated police officers across the world, but they are not being hired anymore, if what David Icke has to say in “The Perception Deception” is accurate. The police state model is part of Agenda 21, and we can see it being rolled out across the world.

We’re seeing some pushback in the United States right now, but that will calm down and the process will roll on. When people react strongly to something, those driving this process back off, but they are playing a long term game. They come back around in a different way next week, next month, next year, next decade… It matters not to them.

An alternative perspective on the Sydney Siege and the one called “Man Haron Monis”

Firstly, let me say that I do not claim to understand what the siege in Martin Place, central Sydney was all about because it’s too early, in my view, to make that call; but I will say that, given history, I am sceptical that the mainstream story we are being fed is accurate. So, I’m sharing a couple of alternative perspectives here with you.

Firstly, this article from Global Research brings quite a lot of background information on this man and his activities. For example:

He fled Iran in 1996 for unknown reasons, claiming in a 2001 Australian ABC interview that he was formerly of Iran’s “Ministry of Intelligence and Security.” He claimed in the same interview to have been in contact with the UN about “secret information” he had regarding the Iranian government.


ABC itself introduced Boroujerdi/Monis/Manteghi as follows:

People in Sydney walking past the State Parliament buildings on Macquarie Street in recent weeks might have noticed a tall Muslim cleric who has taken up residence in a tent on the footpath outside. He is Ayatollah Manteghi Boroujerdi, a liberal cleric who fled Iran four years ago after being very critical of the Iranian regime. Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s wife and two daughters are now under house arrest in Iran, and he’s hoping the Howard government will put pressure on the regime there to let his family join him here in Australia.  

You may like to read this article. Clearly there is more to this individual than the image coming across in the mainstream media.

Then there is this article:

The whole scene was filmed — in a theatrical sense — and broadcast across the globe, although the viewer never sees anything but police and hears nothing but loud bangs, nearly exact to the video provided to Canadians of the Zehaf-Bibeau shooting in Canada’s parliament, which has been proven a false flag thoroughly. In fact, Australia’s Parliament is about the same distance from the Lindt Cafe as Canada’s Parliament is from the War Monument in downtown Ottawa (I don’t believe this is accurate – Richard).

Unlike Canada’s attack, which was somehow filmed in it’s entirety, minus the actual shootings, in Sydney’s case, just by chance, or maybe not so much, Haron couldn’t have picked a better spot for Australia’s first bout with lone wolf Islamic terrorism, as Channel Seven News is conveniently located across the walkway from the cafe. They were able to film the 16 hour event to syndicate their footage the world over from the comfort of their own building.

Also a very interesting twist, in 2013 an anti-terror drill was run by authorities in Martin Place, the exact location this scenario played out in “real life.” Yesterday we posted an article with a video from dutchsinse of an Aussie news report with footage of that drill, but within only hours it has already been taken down by YouTube.

Even more questionable than last years’ drills, and almost putting the nail in the coffin that this is in fact a false flag being reported as a real event, as reported on Channel Seven News — the network across from the cafe — terrorism drills and raids were being practiced at Martin Place right before the hostage situation was reported to the public. Police have stated the two situations aren’t connected.

The phenomenon of drills preceding a live event is a widespread aspect of false flag events, going at least back to 9/11.

There is little doubt the terrorist mantra is being tweaked up in the “five eyes” countries at least, justifying a range of draconian legislative measures. My immediate reaction on hearing of this siege is that it fitted “nicely” into this picture, but let’s see how the pieces fit together over the next couple of weeks and beyond.

Thought Experiment on CIA-like torture of Americans

Big pharma blocks DC’s marijuana legalization measure

Another hidden measure, which has the fingerprints of the global cancer drug industry all over it as this brief report shows.

And no wonder. Listen to this Aussie woman’s story about beating Stage IV lung cancer with cannabis oil. In my view, one of the key reasons it’s illegal. It heals just too many things and it isn’t patented or patentable – though there is a GMO version in the works

Ohhh… it also breaks down mind control programming – and we wouldn’t want that. People might begin to see what’s being done to them.

US Congress just approved unlimited data collection without authorisation

These things are usually slipped through in holiday time or the dead of night when the public is looking the other way. And similar legislation is being enacted around the globe, if it’s not already there.

So, despite the efforts of Ed Snowden and those who supported him, the Big Brother machine rolls on.

As a number have observed, protecting your data and your communications is a personal issue for which you and you and you alone are responsible. Fortunately, easy to use, powerfully encrypted tools are becoming available to provide all we need. Another year at most will see several strong options in all areas – phone calls, messaging, chat, cloud-based document storage and sharing, across users of many different platforms, e.g.  iOS to Android. It’s up to you to decide what, if any of your communications and information is worth protecting.

Of course, it’s all being done to protect us from terrorism… Just like America has been destroying countries for decades for the purpose of bringing them democracy. What a croc.

United States is Creating Three Military Bases in Ukraine

No surprises here.

The Charmed Life of a CIA Torturer

Another great piece of journalism by The Intercept. This new on-line media is demonstrating that, with the right context, great journalists can create great journalism.

Matthew Zirbel’s home in Great Falls, Virginia is filled with oriental carpets, perhaps collected from his time spent working in countries like Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia…

…The CIA (Zirbel) officer deemed Rahman “uncooperative,” and ordered that the detainee be “shackled to the wall of his cell in a position that required him to rest on the bare concrete floor.” The following morning Rahman, who was wearing only a sweatshirt, was found dead of hypothermia. He’d frozen to death in his cell, where the temperature hovered around 36 degrees Fahrenheit.

Radiation levels reportedly up as much as 500 times across North America – Fukushima?

Beta radiation levels are off the charts at monitoring sites all across North America, according to new reports. But experts are blaming these radiation spikes on practically everything except for Fukushima.

Notice how this is not being mentioned in the mainstream press?

If you thought this was some kind of accident, this deathly silence from the media tells you it is not. It’s all part of the plan, my friends – a plan of which you and I are not part.

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