Following the breadcrumbs the elite are scattering

A slew of articles showed up this morning which, taken together, show a growing visibility of the game behind the game.

Firstly, from Zero Hedge: Australia Pushes New Measure To Detain COVID “Conspiracy Theorists”. I quote: 

Weekend demonstrations have flared up in Australia over the last month, as Aussies have vented their frustrations and attempted to take back control of their communities after a surge in virus cases prompted the government to re-implement some of the world’s most draconian social-distancing measures.

And if there is one thing that terrifies increasingly tyrannical governments, it’s a loss of control of the narrative, which is why the Australian government is getting a jump start on curbing any so-called “conspiracy theorists” daring to spread information that questions the fear-mongering being used to keep Aussie citizens under lock and key.

A new bill is expected to be debated by the Victorian government in the State Parliament this week. It gives local authorities the power to detain “conspiracy theorists” and people who refuse to self-isolate, reported Caldron Pool. If passed, the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) allows the government to detain anyone labeled as a “high risk” or likely to spread COVID-19 negligently.

A state government spokesman told The Age that the rule could be applied to “conspiracy theorists who refuse to self-isolate or severely drug-affected or mentally impaired people who do not have the capacity to quarantine.” Those arrested under the new rule will be housed in quarantine facilities. 

Attorney-General Jill Hennessy said the new bill would “allow us to continue responding to the challenges the pandemic presents, so we can keep protecting Victorians and delivering the services they rely on.”

So far, many of the anti-lockdown demonstrations have been held on the weekends. At least 200 people were fined and 74 arrested at a protest in Melbourne on Sunday. If the bill is passed, some protesters would be rounded up and arrested, and could spend time in a quarantine facility. 

End of quote.

This was largely quoting the Caldron Pool article. This subject was also covered by RT News.

This closely mirrors the mandatory quarantine camps quietly rolled out in New Zealand last month. Coincidence? Of course. This wouldn’t be part of global plan would it???

Then we have the US media shutting down Newt Gingrich, when he pointed out that George Soros has been funding the appointment of “soft on crime”, anti-police State prosecutors in the US. I quote Gingrich:

I have been watching a truly curious phenomenon over the past few days.It seems there is suddenly a movement in media to silence anyone who speaks out against George Soros – and, specifically, his funding of radical prosecutors seeking to change the criminal justice system by simply ignoring certain crimes.

This happened to me personally this week while I was being interviewed on Fox’s Outnumbered. When I brought up Soros’s plan to get pro-criminal, anti-police prosecutors elected across the country, two of the show’s participants interrupted me and forcefully asserted that Soros was not involved.

Host Harris Faulkner, it seemed, was stunned by the interruptions, and did her part to move the show forward after some awkward silence. The next day, she addressed the strange moment during the show and condemned censorship.

Immediately after the show, Twitter and other social media went crazy. People were alleging that any criticism of Soros’s political involvement is automatically false, anti-Semitic, or both.

This is ludicrous. Soros’s plan to elect these prosecutors has been well documented already – and it has nothing to do with his spiritual or ethnic background. The Los Angeles Timesthe New York TimesPoliticoUSA Todaythe Washington Postthe Wall Street Journalthe Associated PressCBSthe South Florida Sun-Sentinel – even Fox News itself, among others, have all thoroughly reported on it.

There are plenty of specific examples of Soros’s work in action.

Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot, who campaigned on the promise that he would not prosecute a host of crimes—including thefts—admitted his campaign was largely funded through Soros or his groups. He has been so dismissive of crime and police that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has had to send in the Texas State Patrol to police large swaths of Dallas.

Soros gave $333,000 to the Safety and Justice PAC in 2016 to support then-Cook County District Attorney candidate Kim Foxx in Illinois—who is currently presiding over terrible violence and mayhem in Chicago, where murders are twice what they were in 2019.

End of quote.

There is a highly sophisticated destruction of what remains of US society underway and Soros is certainly a major agent of it. Soros is close to the heart of the global elite and is very willing to act against those who act to expose his practices – as a friend of mine can attest to.

Then we have: Facebook Moves To Censor Internal Debate As More Employees Quit In Protest. I quote:

After a handful of employees quit so they could speak out about Facebook’s insufficient internal ‘woke’-ness, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has finally decided how he’s going to handle what has been described as an internal rebellion.

The surge of anti-management sentiment within the company was likely provoked by accusations, spread by the mainstream press, about Facebook’s alleged role in spreading “Russian” disinformation to help sway the election to President Trump, a narrative that the New Yorker – a publication that’s almost revered by American intellectuals – quietly admitted was b***s*** just a few days ago.

End of quote.

Then we have another piece about Facebook: Facebook Sued In Federal Court For “Spying” On Instagram Users Through Camera. I quote:

In August, Facebook was accused of illegally harvesting the biometric data of users from its photo-sharing app Instagram. Now the social media giant is being sued again, this time for spying on Instagram users through their smartphone cameras, reported Bloomberg.

The new lawsuit, filed Thursday (Sept. 17) in federal court in San Francisco by Instagram user Brittany Condi, claims Facebook gained access to Instagram users’ smartphone cameras without their permission. She alleges Facebook spied on users to collect “lucrative and valuable data on its users that it would not otherwise have access to.”

By “obtaining extremely private and intimate personal data on their users, including in the privacy of their own homes,” Instagram and Facebook collected “valuable insights and market research,” the complaint said. 

The suit follows media reports from July when a “bug” in Instagram’s code led users to believe the app was turning on their cameras without permission.  Some users, according to The Independent’s story in July, said they noticed a green indicator (seen below) at the top of their iPhone’s Control Panel that showed the camera was activated. Users believed Instagram had been spying on them. 

End of quote.

Entirely unintended, of course. And when you add Dr. David Martin’s revelation that a Foundation connected to Facebook funded Event 201, the “Plandemic planning meeting” of October last year, you begin to see the role of Zuckerberg and his Facebook empire, entirely created for this purpose.

When you view the world as I have come to do, after years of detailed research, you see how all of these things are connected, albeit they are but a small part of the total “full court press” we are being subjected to. To these you can add global warming – sorry; climate change, the 2030 Agenda, vaccination, having us fear the sun to deprive us of Vitamin D, the major forest fires on every continent over the last 2 to 3 years being fostered by Directed Energy Weapons, the destruction of the global food supply, the shutdown of the global economy, the control of all in serious power in all walks of life through paedophilia and child sacrifice… Is that enough? Sadly, I’m just getting warmed up. And so many people I thought would see through it are still buying the line that it’s all due to COVID-19…

As I’ve said many times, beliefs are powerful things when you take your beliefs to be you.


Lindsey Williams – Things You Must Do Before November 3, 2020!

Thank you, Frankie.

Lindsey Williams was a “missionary” in Alaska during the building of the massive Alaskan oil pipeline, and came to know many of the global elite and has shared a lot of information they shared with him over the years. His material was confirmation of many things I have otherwise understood from other sources.

This video provides confirmation of recent events and some to shortly come. Lindsey is a good man, albeit mired in a Christian perspective. I can look past that slant to the information he is sharing.

I have taken one viewer’s quick bullet point summary and added a little to it.

1. SARS-COV-2 was released by the elite (shared 3 years ago as a forecast that was accurate to the month) to test whether the churches would close per government orders. Because the Constitution grants all worship houses the right to refuse government-ordered closure, the churches closed and failed the litmus test of the elite: they buckled under and fell from grace.
Personally, there was a lot more to this than just that. The fact that it was a carefully planned event is beyond question.

2. The elite will release a new more deadly virus and thus you must boost your immunity now.

Lindsey said he didn’t know what the next “pandemic” would be (not necessarily a virus), but implored people to get their immune systems in tip top condition in preparation.

3. The elite will cause a record cold snap prior to Nov 3 to destroy the crops and precipitate a food shortage – stock up now’.
If you have been watching, they did the same thing last year in the US, along with measures in most parts of the world to destroy the global food supply. I have been writing about this for well over a year, maybe two.

4. Your cell phone spies for the elite (anyone shocked by this revelation?)

For me, as in the past, most of what Lindsey says is confirmation of other sources, including the second planned “pandemic”.

The plan to induce unseasonal cold in the northern US this Fall is news to me but no surprise.

The evidence is everywhere as to what’s happening if you are but willing to look.


David Martin: Fauci Should be Taken Away in Handcuffs — Money laundering, Anti-Trust, Wire Fraud

Dr. David Martin was the key interviewee in Plandemic Indoctornation.

A brief bio on David:

“Until recently best known as the founder of M·CAM®, the international leader in innovation finance, trade, and intangible asset finance, David E. Martin is a modern-day renaissance man, whose roles have included Professor, Lecturer, Chairman and CEO.

From the halls of parliament to HBO comedy and documentary films such as the internationally acclaimed and multi-awarded Patent Wars and Future Dreaming, Dr. Martin takes on some of the world’s most complex economic and social themes using solutions that he’s successfully deployed in his work with over 160 countries.”

David has degrees in both law and medicine.

I quote from this article:

“If Attorney General Barr was awake right now he would realize that they’ve handed him the case of a lifetime…[Fauci] has violated the Clayton Act of the United States.  Now, he may have a thousand reasons why he thinks it’s justified, but it isn’t. It’s a violation of the law.  He should be cuffed, he should be tried”, said David Martin on the David Knight Show.

Martin gave a detailed explanation of COVID-19’s history as a project funded by the NIH.  He described how research on it was continued even after doing so was made illegal.  Martin also states the ways Fauci violated antitrust laws and laundered money in the process of illegally developing it.

Many ethical and legal issues surround the NIH’s funding of “gain of function” research — bringing in deadly bacteria or viruses and making them more contagious and lethal — Knight pointed out the dangerous lapses that caused Congress to order NIH to cease the “research”.

NIH continued the prohibited research domestically and funded research at Wuhan.  The $3.7 million given to Wuhan was nothing compared to UNC-Chapel Hill.  Martin explained, “the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill ethics review board got together and said ‘yes, we think it’s ethical’, even though [Congress] had said it’s illegal, ‘we think it’s ethical to take a Chinese pathogen and come up with synthetic mutations of the Chinese pathogen called the Wuhan Institute of virology coronavirus-1’ in 2016.  You cannot look at that and say there’s anything but criminal intent because the government representing the people of the United States has said this is unethical.  We have said that we aren’t going to fund it.  We have said that this is a line we cannot cross.  And what does Fauci do?  He writes another check.”

“We’re not talking about $3.7 million laundered through eco-health alliance, because that was money laundering by the way, that’s what it is when you provide capital to a party who’s not the beneficiary of the capital.  Money laundering, wire fraud, how many things can we throw on this thing?  They knew they were doing it, and not only did they do it but they also got $1.7 billion per year, our taxpayer dollars.  $1.7 billion per year that was directed through NIAID to deal with bioterrorism and bio-hazard research…  The great thing about [this money] is that it goes through so many different affiliations that you can’t follow it.  But the best thing about that news is that if Attorney General Barr was awake right now he would realize that they’ve handed him the case of a lifetime,” continued Martin.

“I’m pointing out that it’s criminal — and once again let’s be precise — what’s the crime?  The crime is, by sitting on three boards and being the director of funds, [Fauci] has violated the Clayton Act of the United States.  Now, he may have a thousand reasons why he thinks it’s justified, but it isn’t. It’s a violation of the law.  He should be cuffed, he should be tried.”

“Somebody is using this criminal [Fauci] to act an unspeakable amount of terror on the US and the global population.  And they’re using him because they know he’s compromised.”

“The Department of Health and Human Services, the National Institute of Health, NIAID, and CDC are criminal colluding parties.  I’m saying that word, and that’s a heavy word, I’m not saying it lightly.  The interesting way I define criminal is if there is an explicit law that you are explicitly violating.  For me, that’s a crime.”

End of quote.

David pulls no punches and puts several more nails in the coffin of the notion that COVID-19 came from bats being sold in a wet market in Wuhan. He also reveals that a “foundation” connected to Facebook funded Event 201, the planning event run last October in preparation for the COVID-19 scamdemic, and many other threads connected to it.

You can watch this interview at this link (backup at this link).


Massive Lines Form Outside Virginia Food Bank As Demand Hits One Million Meals Per Month

The economic recovery has stalled, and in some cases, reversed. The $600 unemployment benefits that Americans received following the virus pandemic that crashed the economy in March-April expired on July 31, which means a fiscal cliff has been underway for 44 days (as of Sept. 14).

Millions of people are still out of work, their emergency savings wiped out, and insurmountable debts are increasing. As former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen warned in August, Congress’ inability to pass another round of stimulus checks could weigh on the economic recovery. 

Readers may recall about a quarter of all personal income is derived from the government – so when a lapse in stimulus checks extends for well over one month – that could lead to new consumer stress. 

In Richmond, Virginia, about 125 miles south of Washington, D.C., a food bank has been shelling out more than one million meals per month as the metro area battles deep economic scarring sustained by the virus-induced recession.  

Kim Hill, the Chesterfield Food Bank CEO, told ABC 8News, “a lot of Chesterfield residents are showing up to get food would be an understatement — they’ve been averaging over a million meals a month.” 

“You roll down that window, and you see the tears in that person’s eyes who never thought they would need the help of a food bank,” Hill said. “It breaks your heart.”

She said the volume of people her food bank is feeding is more than triple the levels versus last year. With increased demand, Hill said more volunteers are needed to handle the greater volumes. 

End of quote.

But it’s all about the virus…

In a year it will be much worse. In two, even more so. And in 5 years, if they get to run it that long? It is likely to get worse than the 1930s. The US GDP fell by one third in the last reported quarter. Unheard of. I hear the elite have retreated to their underground bunkers. All of this is their plan, just as they planned the Great Depression. And the two world wars of the 20th century…

Have you noticed the record fires in California (for three years, now), in the Amazon (for at least 2 years), Siberia (at least 2 years) and Australia last spring/summer? A coincidence? They don’t exist. All planned. Here is clear confirmation of a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) sending a directed beam to one of the current California fires, just as we saw with the destruction of Paradise, CA, two or so years ago. The planet is cooling, not warming as the MSM would have you believe.

Their “game” will be ended this time. But at what cost in human life and suffering, I cannot say. Please be aware – remember if you can – that the temporal that we take to be so real is just a façade, a playground of the soul, if you will. But we still have a responsibility within it.


Man stomped on during police arrest in Melbourne’s north in induced coma, lawyer says

The following illustrates what I wrote earlier today, “Australia Is A Full Scale Pilot Test For The New World Order”.

It takes extremes such as this, showing a man having his head stomped on by a police officer, (backup video here and a video showing him being hit by a police car beforehand) to begin to awaken people to what is happening in our world and in my largely peaceful home city and state.

Here is a public video from this last weekend’s protests in Melbourne (backup video here). As with last week’s protests, the protestors were peaceful. But such “insurrection” will not be tolerated in this NWO world. As you can see, any violence was initiated by the action of the police.

This shows the strength and organisation of the police response (backup video here) to the protests at the Queen Vic market.

It will probably get worse before people begin to wake up to what is being done to them in the name of a virus that has been clearly documented as being no more dangerous than a medium bout of flu.

As I have said several times, I have been expecting what is happening in our world for nearly a decade. COVID-19 is just the stalking horse. People in fear lose their ability to think rationally – exactly as planned…


Australia Is A Full Scale Pilot Test For The New World Order

Although many people in Australia, and Melbourne in particular, are so locked into the “official narrative” of the COVID-19-inspired lockdown, people in other parts of the world can see it for what it is: A Full Scale Pilot Test For The New World Order.

I quote:

Several journalists and content creators have noticed that Australia looks like the most totalitarian police state that has existed in recent history.  It has become a full-scale pilot test for the elitists to see how well they can implement the New World Order.

Australians have been subjected to some of the most horrendous basic human rights and dignity violations during this entire scamdemic.

The elitists are using Australia to test out these authoritarian measures, such as getting the public used to a police state in which the military and police both patrol the streets ready to commit violence against other humans for refusing to quarantine when not sick or not wearing their New World Order issued muzzle…I mean, face mask.

“These guys know full well what they are doing. They are psychopaths, but they aren’t stupid,” says Brian in the above video (not included in here). The politicians are redistributing both wealth and power away from the public and consolidating it into their own hands. We are in big trouble if we cannot get the military and the police who are committing violence on behalf of the tyrants to realize what they are doing to humanity.

End of quote.

I have long said Australia is a benign police state. For example, when people have wanted to come to Australia and speak about such things as the very real downsides of vaccination, they are refused entry. It’s but one example. And it was easy to remove the guns from the hands of the Australian public with one false flag event, orchestrated from the highest levels of Australian government and by those who control them, just like was recently done in New Zealand. Not so easy in the United States.

So, the benign police state is no longer benign.

And most people continue to believe the COVID-19 scamdemic is truthfully about protecting us from a virus… It is going to take a lot for many people to wake up, and many will not. But enough will. Those that don’t or won’t will probably not live many more years…

As I have said, another layer of the game is destroying global food supplies, and here we have another example: Germany Stops Harvest, “Temporarily Bans Agriculture” as African Swine Fever Reaches Europe.

There is abundant evidence that African Swine Fever is another laboratory created tool for attacking the food supply. It first emerged in Eastern Europe and then in China. And the vector is??? There are no pigs in the Middle East… It needed a little manmade help, such as a drone to get to China from Eastern Europe.


Cathy O’Brien On the Real Reason for Masks: ‘My Daughter Was Made to Wear a Mask from the Age of Two as Part of Her CIA MK Ultra Mind Control’

Thank you, Ann.

I quote:

When Covid hit, I refused to give up my choice to breathe free. I have never worn a mask.

Deep State New World Order mind control abusers had forced my daughter Kelly to wear a mask from the age of 2, further limiting her oxygen flow that was already hindered by asthma.

The mask had no health benefit and served only to signal those-in-the-know that she was being raised in the same MK Ultra Project Monarch that Michael Jackson had been. Masks and Gloves. No identity. MK Ultra.

Knowledge is our defense against mind control, and I am acutely aware that “do or die” imposed fear is a primary component of MK Ultra.

MK Ultra is the ultimate WMD of Deep State New World Order perpeTraitors who lost control of u.s. all 2016.

Imposed violence masked as “peaceful protests” over whose lives matter amidst this “do or die” global nightmare demands we wake up to reclaim our innate freedom.

Smiles on Faces

People who do not wear masks have conversations. With media censorship controlling our daily narrative, it is more important than ever that we talk with each other.

I have never once been confronted or shunned in any way for not wearing a mask.

Since I do not live in a “victim mentality”, I have moved forward in my life without talking about my past to everyone I meet.

I wrote it out in my books for those who care and dare to know truth on mind control.

People I encounter every day do not know my past, nor do they question why I am not wearing a mask.

Instead they drop or remove their masks while gratefully sharing a smile and conversations about everything from the weather to politics.

CIA training 101 teaches that the “best lies are rooted in truth.” Yes, there is a virus just like every year.

Yes, my daughter had severe asthma and, under robotic MK Ultra mind control, I could not think to remove her mask so she could breathe easier.

This is a powerful reason why I never take free thought for granted.

Nor do I miss an opportunity to breathe free in honoring Kelly, Mark, and the empowering wisdom he shared with u.s. all. Truth, like Love, lives on!

I take personal responsibility for my own life now that I can think to do so. Free thought is sacred, and with it comes the ability to live in harmony with life’s true purpose. I live love, compassion, and concern for the well being of others.

I smile a lot since Mark rescued me in 1988, gratefully embracing and celebrating the reality that I am Free At Last!

By Cathy O’Brien, MKUltra survivor and victim of child sex trafficking to powerful “elites”. She is the author of “TRANCE Formation of America: True life story of a mind control slave“.

End of quote.

I read Cathy’s books some years ago, on my journey to understand how the world works, who runs it and how. Cathy is the real deal.

By reading Cathy’s books, I gained an insight into how mind control programming has been used to have innocent young people do the bidding of the global “elite”. Cathy was a Presidential level mind control slave in the eras of the Reagan and Bush Sr. Administrations. If you understand this programming, you understand how young people are directed to do the bidding of their controllers. Perhaps her greatest abuser was Dick Cheney, and if somebody wanted to prosecute him, she provided more than ample anatomical detail to make this an open and shut case. This is possible because the level of detailed awareness of people in this state is perhaps 100 times that of a normal person, and when they heal and reintegrate, this detail is recalled…

You may find it interesting that the first time Cathy met Gerald Ford was as the local head of the mafia near where she lived, when he came to negotiate with her father, an abuser from an abusive family who continued to propagate the practice, for Cathy to be trained as a high level mind control slave. And then he became a US President…

One of the experiences that Cathy recounted was of several hunting parties where naked, traumatised and mind-controlled children were released into a forest and hunted by the “elite” with guns and dogs. She recounted experiencing this several times. It seems there were those who were always spared, as if they were reserved for a special purpose.

As I researched this, I found identical stories from women in both Australia and Europe.

And as I unfolded this, I came to understand that paedophilia and child sacrifice are used to control virtually all people in positions of major power in the world, including politics, business, judiciary, administrative…

The recounting from the banking world of both former Swiss Banker Francois Siebenthal and former Dutch banker Ronald Bernard illustrate this, but it’s everywhere and hidden.

But we do not want to believe it… So, we behave like it is not true.

Bill Schnoebelen, are former Satanist, provides useful insights into the origins of these practices.

The huge global trafficking of kidnapped children, again ignored, feeds this process. It’s just one element we need to acknowledge as we change our world.

There is a hidden control system in our world that employs these practices, and as Cathy explains, the mind control practices are now being moved mainstream. So, when you wear your mask, be aware of what is being done to you…


COVID-19 Plandemic a Known, Live “Training & Simulation Exercise” under WHO

This video report provides details showing that the COVID-19 scamdemic was planned by the WHO and related parties, formally engaging 196 countries, at least as early as 2005.


Perhaps the key organisation engaged with this is the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board.

For me, it shows how carefully those driving this planned transition to the “Hunger Games” world have orchestrated their steps and obfuscated their true purpose.

Just as importantly, this is but the first of two “Tests”. The plans said the first one had to be completed by September, 2020. Tick!!!

So, what is Test 2? An even worse virus? A false flag alien invasion, the likes of which Steven Greer has warned us of?

We need to wake up to what is being done to us. These people think we are less than pawns in their game. Personally, I think they’ve made a big mistake. Perhaps several.


The lockdown protests in Melbourne and elsewhere in Australia on September 5 were peaceful and well attended

Thank you, Gilda.

You may know that there were protests against the draconian lockdowns in Melbourne and elsewhere in Australia on September 5, 2020. If you heard the MSM version, these were violent and poorly attended.

The truth is the dead opposite, as you should expect.

This video (backup here) tells a very different story.


Well attended.

Targeted arrests by the police.

Thank you, my fellow Aussies, for standing up. You give me hope.

And if you’re not an Aussie, you will probably not recognise the singer as a “Melbourne boy”, John Farnham.

Please share this video far and wide if it resonates with you. It is only through our personal networks that this message can spread. And begin to rediscover them outside of Facebook…


Moderna patent revision of March 2019 revealed impending coronavirus release

On March 28, 2019, Moderna, the poster child of the mRNA supposed vaccine, lodged an amendment to a previously multi-rejected patent. Included in that amendment were the following words: Because of a concern for re-emergence or a deliberate release of the SARS coronavirus, vaccine development was initiated.

These words and other factors indicate Moderna was aware of the planned release of the weaponised SARS-COV-2.

This revelation is one of many shared by Dr. David Martin in his interview with Brian Rose a few hours ago. This 2-hour interview pulls no punches. David reveals many of the connections behind the scenes, including to Fauci and Gates, and that many if not all of Moderna’s patent applications are illegal.

A condensed version of the key information about the Moderna patent application is contained in David’s similarly timed interview with Ben Swann (backup interview copy here).

This story is becoming more threadbare by the day. And if the stars align, this entire psyop will soon blow up in their faces – as it is destined to do.


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