Australian Aboriginals call for justice – caught inside the Hegelian Dialectic

This brief video outlines the history of Government abuse and inaction in regard to Aboriginal people and their rights across Australia. Watching this, I was struck by how the Howard Federal Government’s action in 2007 to reverse its policies in the Northern Territory via “The Intervention”, justified by what it claimed were paedophile rings in all aboriginal communities, was based on a classic lie and its consequences. The fact that a later study showed there was NOT ONE such ring – of course – did not lead to the reversal of the Intervention.

This is how the game is played across the globe. We have just witnessed Israel’s invasion and destruction of Gaza based upon the claimed murder of 3 Israeli teenagers by Hamas, only to see the evidence come forth that it was not due to Hamas at all. Does that stop the invasion, destruction and deaths, or bring back any of the lives lost? Of course not. Similarly with 9/11. Anyone who has done their homework knows 9/11 was an inside job, and yet every day we hear in mainstream media about how this or that has been radically changed “since the terrorist attack on 9/11”. The truth is irrelevant and the lie has been used to justify massive action that is, for all intents and purposes, irreversible. No-one can reverse the destruction of Iraq or, with currently deployed technologies, remove the radioactive waste that is scattered across the Iraqi landscape, some from the use of so-called depleted uranium projectiles, in other cases due to the use of nuclear weapons, nor can they practically roll back the massive elimination of electronic privacy undertaken by the NSA and its global partners as revealed by Edward Snowden. We see the same thing with global warming. It was used to justify Agenda 21, which most people don’t even know exists. And even though the evidence is emerging about the lies and deceit behind the global warming hoax peddled by the IPCC, very little is being done or achieved in confronting the life-changing processes of Agenda 21.

When you understand this, you begin to realise that nothing short of a change of consciousness on this planet has any hope of confronting this process engineered through the Hegelian Dialectic or, as David Icke describes it, “problem, reaction, solution”. It is such a terrifyingly simple model and we see it played out almost every day in our world. I was pleased to see Graham Hancock acknowledge this need for a change in consciousness a few days ago.

The aboriginal video dovetails powerfully with John Pilger’s recent film Utopia. John has documented the aboriginal plight in Australia over decades and other human plights across the globe, including many armed conflicts, and it is important to document these events in this manner. But has anything changed as a result of us seeing John’s perspective? No. And has John looked at what connects all of these events together in our world? From what I have seen, no. Who sets up this Hegelian Dialectic? Who has set up the false flag triggers behind every war in the last 100 or 200 years, the latest in Israel being amongst them? Until passionate and incisive documentary filmmakers and journalists like John begin to look at this, they remain part of the current paradigm, raising a “tut, tut” finger, but not really shining a light on what goes on behind the scenes. Or perhaps John and others recognise that they may not live to tell another story if they expose how the Rothschilds and their cohort bankers control our world for their own ends. Most people I speak to in the United States still do not know the US Federal Reserve is owned by the world banking families and was set up in 1913, and a similar model applies in most countries of the world, and they have been manipulating and controlling world affairs for centuries including creating wars and having their version of history become the accepted version.

It even extends to having dictionaries changed when needed, such as the change to the meaning of “Ground Zero” after 9/11. Prior to that event, it only meant the place on the ground above or below a nuclear detonation, and dictionaries were changed retrospectively – as documented by Dimitri Khalezov – to hide this fact, because it would otherwise be a thread revealing that the destruction of the WTC towers was a nuclear event. But we were warned that such things would happen. Most of us just haven’t taken the time to listen.

Until and unless a change in consciousness emerges on our planet, the future for our planet and all upon it is dire, the Australian aboriginal plight being just a stark but small example.

The exposure and pursuit of the satanic controllers of our world moves up a notch

This video provides an update on the work by Kevin Annett, the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and the growing public support network this work has garnered. It includes raids on satanic ritual sites, arrests and the gathering of evidence. May it reach quickly to the exposure of the most powerful involved in this practice, and with it the understanding of how our world is run and this current consciousness so deeply manipulated by these forces. Most of us do not want to believe this exists, but unfortunately it does, and it is the hidden control mechanism in our world.

Analysis of the “Shooting Down” of Malaysian MH17 indicates it was NOT hit by a missile

It is unlikely that the truth of the fate of MH17 will ever be publicly known or why, since the unfolding is being used to demonise Putin for whatever purpose, in my opinion most likely because of his role in the BRICS independent financial initiatives, but there are many other possibilities. As I’ve said before, choosing to trade in other than petro dollars or replace the American privately owned Federal Reserve has not been good for the health of those who have tried it, and this is exactly what the BRICS countries are doing.

However, what caught my eye is the very revealing photo of the piece of the MH17 cockpit and the analysis indicating it had been riddled with airborne cannon fire – certainly enough to cause it to explode and crash. Interestingly, the German pilot responsible for this analysis, Peter Haisenko, goes on to speculate that perhaps they were trying to assassinate Putin, a possibility I shared previously. Certainly this hi-res cockpit image seems to fit with Haishenko’s analysis.

An Outstanding, Impartial History of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

Thank you, Graham.

This video provides an excellent background to the unfolding of the Zionist state and the reality on the ground, and how this is not exposed in the world’s mainstream media (surprise, surprise).

Alison Weir explains how the UN gave an inequitable land allocation to the Zionists during partition in the mid-40’s. Again, it’s important if you are to understand the world, to understand that the UN is as much a creation of the Rothschilds as is the state of Israel. It postures as an independent group reflecting the wishes of the global community, whereas when it comes to key issues such as Israel or Agenda 21, the key decisions are carefully directed and controlled, carefully buried in the apparent “good intent” of the UN body on a day-to-day basis. Like the major religions, the UN is primarily populated with good intentioned, well-meaning people who have no clue about the underlying controls and agenda. For example, most Catholics behave like the Inquisition never happened, or that it no longer exists. It does, albeit with a new name and far less impact than 7-800 years ago. Or the real darkness under the surface as being exposed by the ITCCS in Brussels.

Will the public ever care?

Israel’s attack on the Palestinians of Gaza is part of a larger plan

As we watch the relentless killing of Palestinians and the destruction of Gaza by Israel, it is easy to be distracted by the horror of the specific actions. Reportedly over 1200 have now been killed and who knows how many have been injured, not counting those whose homes have been destroyed. Social media allows you, if you choose, to monitor the horror of the Palestinians in real time. Some are calling @Farah_Gazan (Twitter address) a modern  Anne Frank as this child reports her terror as the bombs fall around her and her expectation and acceptance that she could be killed at any moment.

It is also easy to forget where this round of destruction began, with the death of 3 Israeli teenagers, quickly blamed on Hamas. When you use a little history and note that every major war in the last 100 years or more has been triggered by a false flag event, then you develop a scepticism for what is reported. And now it is being stated that Hamas was not responsible for the death of these teenagers after all, but supposedly some “lone cell” not under the command of the Hamas leadership. To me, this has false flag written all over it and has had from the beginning.

And we have the United States gently criticising Israel for the bombing of a UN school, along with UN posturing over the attacks, whilst America restocks the Israeli military.

Interestingly, we are perhaps seeing the greatest protests about the Israeli actions that we have seen, such as this protest in Germany and this announcement of 51 Israeli reservists refusing to join the destruction.

In my view, you have to take a look at history to see what is happening, and the following map says it all.

Israel is removing all Palestinian presence from the land they consider to be theirs. This attack on Gaza is simply the latest step down that path. They will not rest until the Palestinians are either killed or they give up and move, as those in the rest of what was Palestine have done since the 1930’s.

We have all heard the loud voices proclaiming the historical right of the Israelis to this homeland, “given to them by God”. Does this claim have validity? I have written previously that I see Israel as a creation of the Rothschilds and a major project of theirs for the last century, and now the breathtaking scope of the myth creation around the moral right of Israel to exist has been laid bare by no less than an Israeli historian, Shlomo Sand, in his book entitled “The Invention of the Jewish People”. It makes sobering reading. Again I state that I am not criticising Jewish people here. The majority are but pawns in the Zionist game.

In no way do I condone what is happening in Gaza at the moment – nor indeed what has been happening since the beginning of the last century – but unless we consider the broader context, we cannot understand what is actually happening here – the gradual elimination of Palestine, one invasion after another. Meanwhile the world wrings its hands and looks the other way whilst providing all of the arms, equipment and financial aid Israel needs to complete the task.

Until people begin to look more deeply than the current action, they will not see the wood for the trees, which is exactly what those who run the game want.

Was one of the Operation Northwoods plans used with MH-17?

This article illustrates how a false flag plane crash was part of the Operation Northwoods plans to discredit Fidel Castro in the 60’s. If you have watched the videos from Pilots for 9/11 Truth, these very scenarios appear to have been played out at the time of 9/11.

My point is that if you think such scenarios are far-fetched, or that what you hear from the mainstream media is going to be the truth of the matter, I encourage you to think again.

Free, Easy-to-use Encrypted Calling Finally Comes To The iPhone

If you have been following the NSA and related stories, you will understand that every phone call you make, whether it be on your landline or mobile/cell phone, is being recorded and swept up in the global data collection machine. Often you will not care, but sometimes you may. There have been encrypted calling options available for some time, but they have either been complex to use and/or require a special phone or a licence fee. A free and easy-to use solution that has been available on Android phones for some time (called Redphone) has now been released in a more refined form for the iPhone as Signal.

This article provides a good overview and this one provides more detail. I have been watching this emerge and I commend it to you.

Was the plane claimed to be MH-17 in Fact the ‘Lost’ Flight MH-370?

Thank you, Sean.

When I saw the photos of pristine passports, I began to wonder if there was some connection to the missing MH-370. Well, there is some interesting evidence that has emerged that this may be so. For example, the window layout on the crash site wreckage does not match that of the plane supposedly flying MH-17 that day, but it DOES match the window layout of the missing MH-370 plane. This may sound far-fetched to some of you, but when you consider the scale of the illusion created on 9/11, this is but child’s play. For example, the planes supposedly crashed that day were still flying years later… I’m not saying this is the plane that was flying as MH-370 that day, but it is an interesting possibility to consider. And I wonder what the window layout of the MAS plane the Israelis purchased and held/hold in Tel Aviv is like? Certainly the official version has many pieces that just do not fit.

Executive Order 12333 – the least-known but biggest aspect of NSA surveillance

With all the noise about the actions of the NSA, perhaps their most powerful authorisation, Executive Order 12333,  issued by Reagan in 1981, has been flying under the radar.

Another miscarriage of justice: the sentencing of Tarek Mehanna

Tarek Mehanna, born in America, was sentenced to 17.5 years in jail as a terrorist. I commend his sentencing statement for your reading.

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