The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations continue to move forward

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and its Atlantic equivalent the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) continue to move forward in their secretive way.

This article from the Free Software Foundation says:

Key congressional leaders have just agreed on a deal to fast track the fast-tracking of TPP. While the threat of TPP has persisted for years, now is the time to fight back!

On March 25th, 2015, WikiLeaks released a leaked chapter of the ongoing Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations, the multinational trade agreement that is being developed through a series of secret negotiations and aims to create a host of new restrictions. We here at the FSF have been fighting against TPP for years, as it represents the threat of a world dominated by DRM, software patents, and perpetual copyright.

The latest leaked chapter on investments lays out changes to a system of supra-national courts known as extrajudicial investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) tribunals. For years, these courts have enabled large companies to sue democratically-elected governments over policies that these corporations oppose. For example, Big Tobacco has used the system to block or obstruct health laws intended to reduce smoking in countries around the world.

While all of this is bad news in general, one provision in the leaked document presents a particular threat to software freedom. Holders of copyright, patent, and other proprietary interests are now included in the definition of “investor.” Given the destructive nature of these provisions, the fact that proprietary developers could use them to interfere with local government protections of users’ rights is cause for alarm.

But the damage doesn’t stop there. The leaked provisions further clarify that these supranational courts would have jurisdiction over compliance with many of the worst provisions of TPP. That means that a proprietary developer could get a second shot at a case where they didn’t like the initial outcome, potentially overturning a ruling on fair use, for example. Any country that tries to implement sane copyright and patent policy via their legislature or courts could be dragged into this sham tribunal to have that policy overturned.

The threat represented by TPP has loomed large on the horizon for many years. This latest leak demonstrates that the dangers we face increase as time goes by. Worse still, time may be running out in the U.S. to stop the madness as Obama and his friends in Congress seek to fast-track TPP approval. Key congressional leaders have now agreed on a deal to fast track the fast-tracking of TPP.

End of quote.

A key part of the terms of these agreements is moving more power into the hands of companies at the expense of individual countries (which are all now corporations, anyway), as expressed above. In my view, it’s another stepping stone to removing the role and authority of the nation state as One World Government inches closer to reality.

Rima E. Laibow: “Vaccines Are A Complete Fraud. Don’t Poison Your Child!”

If you haven’t heard this Richie Allen interview of Dr. Rima Laibow on vaccination, I suggest you do.

There are many supporters of vaccination who believe they have the facts. Listen to Rima and follow some of the links she directs you to.

She explains how the real vaccine market is the aftermarket. The evidence is “people who receive vaccinations are sicker than those who don’t. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) recently published a report to the general public that shows that the more vaccinated a country is, the sicker the country is and the more chronic degenerative disease (cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, etc.) that country has. The United States, with the most vaccination is the sickest country with the highest infant mortality of any advanced country.”

Rima has the runs on the board in providing health outcomes for people, in many cases when the Western medical system had failed them.

Get yourself informed and take action.

Precedent for Lord Janner to be prosecuted

Apart from Lord Janner arguing war criminals should be prosecuted, regardless of their mental health, it turns out there is British legal precedent for prosecuting someone with dementia.

But he’ll skate free, because the system will protect him, as it will do until this entire control system is exposed. We’re not there, yet.

World Bank causes huge displacement across world

I quote from this YouTube video description on the true impact of the World Bank:

The World Bank has been found to have violated its own policies, on protecting the rights of indigenous peoples. The projects that the group has been funding for several years in some of the poorest places on Earth, have actually resulted in farmers and villagers losing their land and livelihoods.

End of quote.

The great sad fact is that most people of the world believe the rhetoric of the United Nations and of the World Bank itself. They have not studied history and think the memes promoted by the mainstream media carry truth.

The World Bank represents exactly the same interests that want to completely change the face of the world in their own interests and remove most of us from it. I have often commented on the role of those interests in destroying indigenous cultures globally and forcing them off the land in line with Agenda 21 (looked into that one, yet?) You only have to look at those who’ve headed the World Bank and check out their profiles to understand this.

So, for me, the report that led to this video is entirely to be expected. What upsets me is that most people of the world continue to think otherwise and then get shocked when the truth rolls out in their experience. But then most people still think politicians actually run things and think they are there to represent their interests. How much evidence do we need? A lot, it seems.

Pedophile “Lord Janner” and the Golden Brick Road of Hypocrisy

Another excellent piece on the Lord Greville Janner escape from prosecution by Gordon Duff.

The Irish Savant needs your help to understand Elie Wiesel’s book “Night”

Let me share with you his “confusion”:

I need your help again

Just like with the previous post I’m confused and in need of your help. Allow me to explain.
My confusion relates to the widely acclaimed, indeed legendary,  Death Camp testimony by Elie Wiesel called Night. And few writers have been the recipients of so much admiration – and money – as Elie. ‘Fearless’, ‘searing truth’, ‘unsparing’…how could any self-respecting student of the Holocau$t(the Word’s Greatest Tragedy) not read this canonical testament? But you see I kept putting it off. Not being a ghoul, how could I bear to read about:
Screaming babies hurled into gas chambers by Dr. Mengele himself
Fountains of blood exploding from the heaving mass of  decomposing bodies buried in mass graves
Prisoners forced to take acid baths 
Pumping prisoners full of water until they exploded. Christ, how lousy is that?
Injections directly into the brown eyes of untermencher to change them to a Teutonic blue
Camp Kommandant Laak tossing babies in the air and shooting them like clay pigeons while his cackling ten year-old daughter wildly applauds.  As only a Germans kid would.
And lots more.  So you can imagine my reluctant to subject myself to such horrors. I wouldn’t sleep for a week. But a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do.
So with trembling hands I took up ‘Night‘. And it was every bit as harrowing as I had feared. Mind you there were some puzzling aspects. For instance we learn that Elie was treated in the Auschwitz camp hospital (where incidentally he tells us the quality of food was good) after which the doctor recommended ‘a few days rest to recuperate’. And thus my first question. Was not Auschwitz a Death Camp, where mass extermination was the only game in town?  And in case you’re wondering, Elie was not some valuable specialist, merely a humble sorting clerk.
Then right at the end of the war we had more strange hospital goings-on.  The Auschwitz medicos were treating Elie’s dad in the Death Camp’s hospital (even at a time of horrendous German casualties) when word came down that the camp was to be evacuated.  Prisoners were given the choice: Undertake an arduous journey to a new Death Camp……or relax and wait for liberation at the hands of the Red Army  Seems like the ultimate no-brainer. But wait for this…Elie dragged his infirm father out of the hospital and the two of them headed off with the fiendish Germans!
Mind you the Germans were under strict instructions to bludgeon any stragglers to death. I’m sure there’s an explanation but, like, if they had given prisoners the option of remaining in Auschwitz why would they then want to kill stragglers?  Anyway, you’ll be glad to know that when they arrived at the new Death Camp they were all treated to a hot shower and a ‘cauldron of thick soup’. In due course this camp was also liberated, and “early the next day Jewish boys ran off to Wiemar to steal clothing and potatoes. And to rape German shiksas.”  Ah well, boys will be boys.  Meanwhile Elie went on to fame and – most definitely – fortune. It could be said he actually created a whole new industry which thrives to this day.
So this is where I need your help. How do we reconcile all of those horrendous Death Camp incidents mentioned at the beginning with Elie’s account of the incidents I referred to?  It’s not easily explained. I have to confess to an ignoble thought crossing my mind…was he lying? But then I reminded myself that he was, just like Henry Kissinger, Menachim Begin and indeed Barak Obama,  a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.  And could you imagine any of these guys lying?  So I quickly – and shamefully – dismissed that thought.
But that only brings me back to square one. I’m at a loss to explain this conundrum.
Are there any wise readers out there who can clear my mind?

End of his post.

I have shared my research on this previously in my post Is the Holocaust a Hoax?

I know It’s not politically correct, but I encourage you to watch this video of Auschwitz survivor interviews. Not quite the stories we usually hear.

If you can reconcile this with the mainstream meme, please get back to me.

Were Moses and Pharaoh Akhenaten one and the same person?

Kate Johnston has posted a great video blog discussing this very interesting and, in my view, carefully avoided subject.

Sigmund Freud seems to have been the first to begin to join the dots on this, but it was Ahmed Osman who really did the legwork.

Osman is another whose life path seems to have been mapped out to enable him to bring this understanding forth – and more besides.

Osman tells the story in this interview.

Have you had your radiation dose this week?

This article shares the elevated radiation levels occurring across the US.

According to this article, 50cpm is considered the alert level.

The readings shown are 3 to 14 times this alert level. I suspect the entire northern hemisphere is showing these kind of numbers and the southern hemisphere, with time, will begin to catch up. And the author ignores the effects of Fukushima. If my understandings are accurate, it will dwarf everything else within a few short years.

Did you get your share this week? Never mind. There’s always next week. If fluoridation hasn’t screwed your thyroid, this should probably do the trick.

The Religion With No Name

Every so often I look at the amazing work done by an individual to progress current human understanding, and it’s as if their entire life path unfolded to enable them to bring forth that particular insight. Brian C. Muraresku is one such individual. His study of Latin, Ancient Greek and Sanskrit (how many dead languages can one person carry around?), along with his fascination with ancient texts prepared him to bring forth a unique insight into the writings of Homer and the origins of Western society. I quote:

I will never forget the moment in sophomore year when the line between East and West began to blur, sparking a whole new appreciation for those often-overlooked ancestors who birthed our civilization into being. Up to that point, my afternoon seminar on Homer’s Odyssey seemed out of place for a day otherwise dedicated to obscure breathing exercises and reading about karma, reincarnation and the chakras. One fateful day, I had happened upon a passage from the 5th-century AD philosopher, Proclus, where he makes reference to a “secret doctrine” (αππορητον θεωρίαν) hidden away in the Iliad and Odyssey.7 I was mesmerized! What a crazy idea to associate with the foundation of all Western literature. Why, rather than speaking plainly, would our very first attempt at the written word transmit a covert agenda? And what on earth could that agenda possibly be? Bizarre as it sounds, Proclus was not alone in thinking a surface reading of Homer’s epics would completely miss the point. His tradition, Neoplatonism, arose in the 3rd century AD as an effort to preserve the purest teachings of the godfathers of Western thought, Pythagoras and Plato.8 One of the early stars of this school was Porphyry, who wrote a long and complicated commentary on just a few lines of Book 13 of the Odyssey that, at first glance, are very pretty but easily forgettable.

Classicists label this passage the “Cave of the Nymphs”. The wily hero, Odysseus, after a 10-year journey through a million obstacles in the wake of the Trojan War, is finally homebound to his native Ithaca. Just before his ship touches down on Greek soil, Homer pauses to describe the extraordinary harbor that will, at long last, welcome back its native son. It houses a sacred olive tree and a miraculous cavern populated by nymphs. The hero’s patron goddess, Athena, selects this cave as a hiding place for the gold and bronze valuables Odysseus has just inherited from the friendly Phaeacians, a mysterious but hospitable sea-faring people.9 In a blatant omission that has perplexed scholars for centuries, however, Homer never fully resolves the ultimate fate of this meticulously buried treasure. Mentioned just once more in passing, it seems like a rather superfluous detail, as does the cave itself…

…If Plato had written in Sanskrit instead of Greek, first off – the “secret doctrine” would be indistinguishable from esoteric Hindu or Buddhist scripture. And second, you would never guess this was the father of all Western thought talking…

…As it turns out, the Neoplatonists weren’t just making this stuff up. The idea of a non-physical world that creates and sustains the one we inhabit – accessible only by some kind of extrasensory power, some non-ordinary state of consciousness – was introduced to Western philosophy over 600 years before Plotinus’ Enneads by the godfather himself: Plato. My chance run-in with Neoplatonism had me totally reevaluating how it all began. Sure enough, scattered across a number of Plato’s 4th century BC masterpieces, the “secret doctrine” shines apparent for all to see…

…To awaken Plotinus’ “other sight” or Plato’s “eye of the soul” – our “exclusive means of beholding the ultimate truth” – all signs point to our hippy ancestors engaging the unrivaled technology of the natural kingdom. The psychoactive properties of the many plants and fungi at the Greeks’ disposal did not escape the obsession of these early scientists.29 While Hadot’s “privileged experience” can be cultivated in any number of ways, including meditation, the most reliably fast-acting across the ages has been through psychedelics (a beautiful Greek word meaning “that which makes visible the contents of the psyche”), the significance of which will have to be explored in future discussion.30

I commend this article to you.

Ed Snowden on passwords

John Oliver and Edward Snowden talk password security.

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