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HSBC Imposes Restrictions on Cash Withdrawals in the UK

If the government bails you out, then you aren’t too big to fail, you just have some really big thugs who have your back in the case of an all-out robbery. This has been the case with big banks from the US to Great Britain, and from Cypress to China. People the world over have been stolen from. Now, banks are getting more overt in their practice of pilfering. Recently, HSBC customers have been prevented from withdrawing their own money from accounts because they could not provide ‘evidence of why they needed it.’ Are banks really too big to fail or just too big for their britches?

End of quote.

This action by HSBC has been reported in several places, along with restrictions on withdrawals from small banks in Russia and China. For me, it is an interesting data point.

Rule from the Shadows – The Psychology of Power – Part 1

This video is a powerful introduction to the origins of mass psychology and how it has been and continues to be used in the world. It also discusses the origins of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and other organisations and how they work to shape government and other policy. Although it points to the role of the bankers and hence the Rothschilds behind the scenes, it stops short of following that thread. Nevertheless, it covers some very important ground.

Keshe discusses his approach to the Fukushima nuclear accident cleanup

I have shared with you the work of MT Keshe in the past. In this video, he explains how farmers might clear the radioactive material from their land and water, and how TEPCO might use his technology to clean up the radioactive pollution on a wider basis.

He also repeats his warning to governments to return to his proposed peace discussions or face the decommissioning of all of their weaponry. An interesting notion.

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