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Is space-time shaped like a SPIRAL?

A cosmic constant known as the ‘golden ratio’ is said to be found in the shape of hurricanes, elephant tusks and even in galaxies.

Now researchers say this ratio is also seen in the topology of space-time, affecting the entire universe as a whole.

And they say this number can be used to link everything in the universe together, from space-time to chemistry to biology.

Purely chance, of course…

Exclusive ARD interview with Russian President Putin

This is an excellent interview with Putin. Remember, all of this nationalist posturing is window dressing, but this man is a statesman. Seen a Western leader speak so directly and with such an extraordinary command of the issues? I haven’t.

It’s hard to know if the efforts of the BRICS are about breaking out of the control of the Rothschild and related global bankers or not, but it is interesting to watch it unfold.

I still hold the view that the shooting down of MH17 was aimed at Putin’s nearby plane that looked a lot like it. All of the discussion about did or didn’t shoot down MH17 fails to address why. It is also clear that the plane was subjected to aircraft cannon fire.

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