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TPP: Time for Abbott to rethink this ‘preferential’ and ‘dangerous’ agreement

Thank you, Nods.

At least some people in Australia are, belatedly, making noise about the consequence of the TPP for Australia and Australians.

But people do not understand that so-called free trade agreements have all been about creating the global context for one world government, along with some specific objectives of gutting existing economies such as the United States and Australia. As James Perloff explains in his book “Truth Is a Lonely Warrior”, the GATT agreement was used to gut American industry, and few can argue it has not been wildly successful.

Nor do they largely understand that the hand that crafts these agreements is not the public hand of government that is seen to be negotiating them. Indeed, the way the TPP and its Atlantic TTIP equivalent are being negotiated in secret, with no congressional authority to change them and in most cases, even look at their content, screams at us the nature of their agenda.

But it’s all part of our global controllers’ agenda to further empower the global corporations that represent their interests and gut what remains of any “national” ability to oppose them.

And so, the game rolls on whilst most of us try to make the best of our daily lives.

The sexual deviance of America’s leaders on show once more

This article by Gordon Duff reveals some of the sordid details of the sexual deviance at the highest levels of Washington which, of course, goes on with no risk of exposure or prosecution. I quote:

A while ago Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House of Representatives during the “W” Bush administration was arrested by the FBI for fraud and money laundering charges. Hastert was third in line for the presidency, and a major force for the continual moralizing of the right wing.

His real crime is serial rape of students when he was a secondary school coach and scout leader. His criminal charges are for hiding millions paid in blackmail to silence victims. ABC News published photos of teenagers he had taken on an “Explorers” trip to the Bahamas.

End of quote.

But it goes much further, discussing details of the sex and drug habits of various administrations. Not that this kind of practice is new news. For example, Cathy O’Brien exposed a great deal of this in her book “Trance Formation of America”, Cathy herself having been a Presidential level mind controlled slave.

But this is just the American end of a global practice. In my view, we are seeing a glimpse of the global paedosadistic control system, as I’ve said before. Duff gives us a sense that he might share this view with his easily missed comment, “There is well certain much more behind this, that the orgies of abuse and decadence may well be a sacrament to the old gods.”

In my view, those old gods are satanic in their nature.

This is HOW People Will Lose EVERYTHING — Bill Holter

I quote from the notes on the YouTube page for this video, sentiments I agree with:

Published on May 17, 2015

Writer & Researcher Bill Holter joins me to discuss the latest as we document the collapse. Over just the past week, Bill explains, “all hell has been breaking lose” in the global credit markets.
Bill wants readers of SGT Report to understand that “the stock market(s) are merely a side show to the grand Big Top circus of the credit markets because the credit (bond) markets are so much larger than the equity markets.” And Bill says when the credit markets implode – EVERYTHING will implode.
So how will it all end? Bill explains, “This is going to be an overnight or over the weekend type of event where you have what you have on a Friday and you wake up on a Monday morning and you can’t trade anything and you’re locked in to your position. So it’s absolutely imperative that you have what you WANT to have, because you won’t have a chance to change it” And Bill asks, “Do realize that gold and silver are THE only monies out there that are not “credit based” or derive their values via the credit markets … markets which will ultimately will be closed?”
The choice is yours, paper brokerage account statements and ones and zeros on a computer screen, or real physical wealth. The time to make your decision is running out.

End of quote.

I take note of synchronicity.

As I was completing the post above, I found the link to an article by Bill Holter arriving in my email, published today. I quote:

Switching gears just a bit, we have seen the “mentality” change somewhat over the last year or so.  Even the mainstream is showing some signs of a shift.  This “shift” has even become evident amongst and within the “old boys club”.  For example, who would have imagined Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Austria would ever ask for their gold back?  Or Texas building its own depository and using the words “not” and “confiscate” in the legislation for proposed repatriation?

Several very well known and at one time mainstream money managers have publicly told of the dangerous situation.  The latest is a bond manager who has gone entirely to cash, how’s this for putting a crash helmet on?

Just a few weeks ago, Bloomberg put out an article asking if China could gold back the yuan.  This was significant because no news source (other than maybe Kitco) has been as bearish and slandering regarding gold than Bloomberg.

Going to the beginning and back to the top, who exactly was correct in 1999-2000?  Who was correct from 2005-2008 about an impending crisis?  The answer of course is the very same people screaming bloody murder today “the financial system will come apart from the seams”.  Are those who were correct before, now “crying wolf”?  Or are they saying the same things for the same reason and forecasting the same results as before?  “They” (we) were not crazy then and are not crazy now.  In fact, it is even much easier to see now than previous.  As a side note if you recall, we heard in late 2008 and 2009, “who could have seen it coming”?  Or, “no one could have seen it coming”.  This is dead wrong!  In fact, even within the mainstream press there was a concerted effort to silence the truth.  For example, Greg Hunter while at CNN tried to warn of the banking collapse.  He was told “don’t go there” and was rewarded by having his contract not renewed!

Be prepared.

Barack Obama given ‘fast-track’ authority over trade deal negotiations

Just as expected:

Barack Obama was given the authority he has long sought to expedite negotiations for a massive trade deal with countries on the Pacific rim, propelling the US toward a landmark agreement that, both proponents and critics agree, will reshape the global economy.

The Republican-controlled Senate finally passed legislation on Wednesday that gives the president the power to “fast-track” negotiations with the 11 other countries party to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The vote, which passed 60-38, was a significant victory for multinational corporations which have been lobbying hard for a trade agreement expected to lower tariffs and create new regulations for sectors as diverse as agriculture, banking and the pharmaceutical industry.

End of quote.

Almost nobody understands what this will mean for nations, for legal rights of individuals vs. corporate, etc. And almost no-one understands this is not being driven by the nations supposedly negotiating it. Along with the obvious content, it is a powerful step down the path of the elimination of the nation state (something of a modern fiction, anyway) and along the path of one world government, run by the business interests of the global elite.

Free will and seductive coercion – @georgiebc

For me, Heather Marsh displays an understanding of the game behind the game that few others have grasped. This blog post is a good example. I quote:

Governance is a force directing actions taken by society. We began governance with small tribes arranging relationships and personal assets between themselves and authority only required to settle disputes. As populations grew, we moved to a variety of government systems with full hierarchies, official authorities and hard coercive force in the form of official military and police. Lately we have moved far beyond these forms to all pervasive and largely invisible soft coercion. While large populations have always been coerced more by propaganda than by armies, the techniques developed by global intelligence and marketing research of the past several decades have escalated this to global coercion controlled by a very few people. Unlike the churches and governments in the past, the new hierarchy controlling this coercion is invisible.

Democracy is a puppet show set up to distract attention from the real governance. Democracy and local governments provide a curtain between the true coercive power and the rest of the people. A politician or ruler is placed on stage and people are made to feel they participate in the show by voting for or against and occasionally throwing shoes at or assassinating them. Then the people leave the theatre and go to the streets where they are the targets of an increasingly oppressive war of coercion by those battling for control of the real governance. It was once possible to monitor our governance but we are now locked in an ideological maze with walls of democracy preventing us from seeing or participating in the true structures of power and debate.

Voting, even in the case of referendums, is a controlled binary input into a preordained structure and question. It is always a front to reinforce the underlying propaganda. ‘Would you like to be ruled by person A or person B?’ is a propaganda exercise and advertising blitz promoting the idea that democracy is good and the voters are in control. In this structure, ‘none of the above’ is never an easy option and doing away with democracy is not an allowable choice at all. The voters are locked out of any control over the coercive propaganda that forms our real governance by a lack of access to information or the time and funding required to participate. Influencing votes by coercion is illegal in democracies but the United States spent $6,285,557,223 in 2012 on seductive coercion proven to be more effective than any violence in influencing outcomes. Despite the obvious and proven effectiveness of this coercion, its effectiveness is denied by the very propaganda which is spending billions on it.

The most important lie those currently in power had to convince the majority of was that they had free will and individual self-governance was possible, that they lived free of coercion. It is not possible to live free of coercion. It was not possible even when we were in small tribes as the need to belong, past experience and uncountable other factors influence every decision. The amount of value judgements our minds are called upon to make every day would be impossible without myriad cognitive shortcuts triggering preconceived judgements or by adopting those judgements held by our peers.

End of quote.

I commend the article to you.

But Heather does not sit back and pontificate. She engages the causes she considers most important, such as the global paedosadism control system in our world. Heather has personally driven what I consider to be the global awakening that is occurring on this subject.

Thank you, Heather, for all that you are and all that you do.

Christie’s Conspiracy – The Real Story Behind the Fort Dix Five Terror Plot

This article is an excellent illustration of the way in which the image of terrorism at your back door is cultivated through people being set up to appear to be terrorists.

And don’t think this is just the FBI in the United States playing these games. Think globally. This game is managed globally:

Beyond the sensational headlines is the story of paid FBI informants with long criminal histories who spent a year working to befriend the brothers and enlist them as terrorists. This effort, both expensive and time-consuming, nevertheless failed to convince the Duka brothers to take part in a violent attack. Indeed, over the course of hundreds of hours of surveillance, the plot against Fort Dix was never even raised with them.

In the years since these events occurred, the use of dubious informants in terrorism investigations by the FBI has become almost routine. When purported terror plots are “revealed,” they almost invariably involve paid government informants at every level of their ideation, facilitation and planning. But the story of the Duka brothers is an early example of this type of case — and it still stands out because of the deliberate and brazen way the brothers were entrapped by authorities, assisted by their paid informants. Indeed, one might argue that the targeting of the Dukas was the prototype for the program of state-orchestrated terrorism plots that continues today.

End of quote.

I commend the article to you.

You’re being secretly tracked with facial recognition, even in church

We know that Facebook has a vast facial recognition database so good that it can recognize you when your face is hidden, that the FBI has built a millions-strong criminal facial recognition system, and that Google’s new Photos app is so effective at face recognition that it can identify now-adults in photos from their childhood. But now facial recognition is starting to pop up in weird and unexpected places: at music festivals (to identify criminals); at stadiums (to weed out “sports troublemakers“) and at churches. Yes, churches.

End of quote.

The film “Minority Report” had so much in it about our unfolding present.

Proof that the news is scripted

This compilation of the same story lead from many TV stations is classic.

Journos listed as potential combatants in Pentagon’s updated ‘Law of War’

The Pentagon has released a book of instructions on the ‘law of war’, detailing acceptable ways of killing the enemy. The manual also states that journalists can be labeled ‘unprivileged belligerents’, an obscure term that replaced ‘enemy combatant’.

A rising tide of anger across Europe at ‘Nazi’ social workers

Although no other evidence was given for removing the children, and the strain of the case eventually led their parents to divorce, the Norwegian authorities have refused to return the boys to their distraught mother, who has only been allowed to see them for 15 minutes twice a year and forbidden to speak with them in Czech. It was this which prompted the Czech president Milo Zeman to compare Norway’s child protection system to the Nazis’ Lebensborn forced adoption policy.

Last weekend, hundreds of Norwegians and foreign parents marched on the parliament in Oslo to protest about this and scores of similar cases, such as that of a little Russian boy seized last October after he had told his classmates that his mother had “knocked out his tooth”. Although it was only a loose baby one, she was accused of “abusing” her son.

End of quote.

It seems a growing number of people across the globe are beginning to protest at the horrific powers being exercised by the state in removing children form their parents for very little, if any, reason.

For me, the biggest issue here is that parents continue to believe their children are theirs until they are launched into the world on their own at 18-23 or so. In most if not all countries, this is not actually true. The child is owned by the state, and they have the power to do whatever they wish with them. If parents in general realised this, there would be an outcry of such magnitude that the situation would be reversed, whatever it took. But it’s only the disenfranchised, today, who are targeted. For the moment, the protests are primarily about these agencies overstepping what are considered acceptable bounds, but parents have not generally realised the powers these agencies actually have. In the case of the U.K. at least, the agencies are incented to annually remove a target number of children from their parents.

It’s all part of breaking down the family structure and parental authority in relation to children. In the past, children learned from the community elders, including grandparents, as well as their parents. That community input was broken down many years ago and replaced with formal schooling and we saw the elderly packaged as being “past it”, leaving the inexperienced parents as the guide. Now that is being broken down. None of this is by accident.

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