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This video by Sacha Stone deserves an hour of your time to watch.
We are told that 5G is just the next logical step in providing high speed wifi and phone services to our video consuming lives.
The truth is quite different.
This is weapons grade technology being rolled out into our world with no health assessment and with no rights of local authorities to intervene. It is Agenda 21 on steroids. 
If this video is accurate, and given those who have contributed, I accept it as accurate, this technology enables the active monitoring of and interference with every one of us on the planet where this technology is deployed, and its health consequences look to be horrific, potentially with its greatest impact several generations beyond this one.
Will you be silent as this is rolled out?
I’m clear about my own actions to stop this and many other destructive elements emerging in our world. 
Where do you stand and how will you act? Or not…
Check out the extraordinary new, life-changing technology at

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