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President of Ghana Nana AkufoAddo Reads Rockefeller Plans for the pandemic and beyond

Many people cannot believe there is a horrific plan behind the COVID-19 scamdemic we are inside of, which is ultimately about transforming life as we know it. President Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana reportedly read out a secret Rockefeller plan for what we are in the early phases of. This video was uploaded in July 2020 and we are far enough along in that plan for us to see the truth of it. A copy this video is available at this link if the YouTube version disappears.

As with anything controversial on the Internet, there are claims that this is not actually the President of Ghana, and I cannot say for certain.

What I can say is that the content has a body of not public information that I know is correct and this leads me to trust the rest, and the entire scenario fits perfectly with what I know to be unfolding.

So, I share this with the above proviso and perspective. In fact, I encourage you to save this and listen to it every month or so, to assess just how accurate it is.


New York downtown boarded up by the scamdemic and a Chinese famine on its way

Thank you, John.

This brief video shows you how 5th Avenue and downtown New York retail is all boarded up. Seen that on the news???

And is China heading towards a food catastrophe? No doubt. It began with the drone delivered swine flu virus two years ago.

And this is unfolding across the globe, triggered by many factors – locust plagues, key docks and associated warehouses being blown up, COVID-19 panic triggering the closure of meat processors and the prevention of seasonal pickers arriving to pick the crops, which will impact all major food production countries; it is just beginning. Unusual droughts and floods in different parts of the world…

Have you noticed the already rapid escalation in the cost of basic food items?

Are you aware the elite are gearing up to supply lab produced food in volume?

Are you getting it, yet?

I called this for what it was at the very beginning – an attempt to completely transform life on Earth to the “Hunger Games” society they have long planned. The subsequent evidence has only reinforced that view. And much of it in ways I hadn’t thought of, but they obviously had.

And more will no doubt be on its way.

I called this a global 9/11. I stick by those words.

And most people have no clue about the economic tsunami that will engulf the world in the coming months, perhaps not until next year. The panic in many aspects of life is on its way – from buying precious metals to selling shares and real estate to simply trying to get food, to the likely “bank holidays” around the world, etc.

Personally, I am STUNNED by how most people are behaving like nothing has changed. Lots of people are buying and selling real estate, again, in Melbourne. Make a note of it and look again in a year, 2 years… I have long said Aussie real estate will fall by 50%. I now think it could be 90%. Lynette Zang has said that in previous such times, an ounce of gold could buy a city block and all of its buildings…

You don’t need a crystal ball to see these things. You just have to look beyond the MSM and your trust in your government – a false paradigm, just like the currency that has replaced real money, that you have been trained to put your faith in. These things are not there to serve you. They are there to serve their masters…

Yesterday, I mentioned in an email to some of you this note at the beginning of Dr Vernon Coleman’s new book “The Coming Apocalypse”:


This book deals with the decision in the early spring of 2020 to put large populations under house arrest and to close factories, shops and all businesses not regarded as essential. It also deals with the aftermath of those decisions. The part dealing with the lockdowns is based entirely on fact. The part dealing with the future is, inevitably, largely conjecture. In order to publish this book I was informed that I had to remove all references to the name of the problem which triggered the close downs. And so you will not find herein any reference to a word describing a disease which begins with the third letter of the alphabet. Nor will you find any reference to a disease name which ends with a number which is slightly greater than 18 and slightly smaller than 20. In addition, in view of proposed new legislation which will make it illegal for anyone (including doctors) to share facts and opinions about a specific medical procedure, I have avoided using a word beginning with ‘v’ and used the word inoculation instead.

As I said, you cannot read and this and not begin to realise what we are inside of.

Having now read Coleman’s brief book, I recommend it as an excellent segue into what has been done and some of its impending consequences. Like most others, he doesn’t understand how deep this runs, but he does peel it back beyond governments to the Bilderbergers, which is a step forward.


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