5MIN News Dec.25.2013: Grand Minimum, Agenda 21

May you all have, have had or be having a wonderful Christmas day.

In this video, Ben discusses the likely context for the current very quiet sunspot peak we are experiencing and its consequences. If this modelling is accurate – a model which predicted the current low sunspot cycle, whilst most were forecasting a highly active one – then we are entering a period of global cooling perhaps similar to what is known as the Maunder Minimum of some 400 years ago, a period also known as the Little Ice Age. Doesn’t do much for the global warming nonsense that is screamed at us every day, does it?

Speaking of the global warming story, Richard Moore has produced two excellent analytical articles on climate science and climate variation. Needless to say, they don’t do much for the global warming model, either.

Soon the evidence will be undeniable. Will it be in time to expose the global warming propaganda that has become so deeply entrenched and stop Agenda 21 in its tracks? We’ll see.

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