A video all my Aussie friends and contacts should watch

I have commented before about how I have come to see Australia as a powerful example of when people can’t see the walls of their prison, they think they’re free. I have found Sweden to be similar though a little different, although their stupor is being seriously disrupted by the recent flood of refugees.

One of the pointers to this hidden prison is the largely invisible suppression of free speech, and this manifested in one case by the refusal to grant visas to overseas visitors who wish to present an alternative view of things.

The first example I remember was the refused entry of David Irving, who exposes the Holocaust myth in his writings and speeches. The first time I remember this happening, I was still in the place where I thought he had to be a nutter, so “fair enough”, I thought. My understanding has changed as I have followed the threads that have come my way.

In the case of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, who is an anti-vaccination campaigner, she cancelled her trip to Australia earlier this year, including a holiday, for fear of reprisals against her and those attending her seminars, as a result of a Big Pharma and media led backlash. I do not believe she was refused a visa.

Now, in the case of David Icke, who has been to Australia several times in the past, although he has not been refused – yet – a visa, it is at least being made very difficult for him to acquire one.

And whilst this video talks about the process, David talks about what lies behind this that is becoming more widespread in Australia that, in my opinion, every Australian should reflect upon.

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