Address to our International Leadership

Thank you, Adrianna.

In this video, Sacha Stone demonstrates that he understands what is going on in our world, who is behind it, and that we live in a time when we have the opportunity to change it.

Click here for a little background on Sacha Stone, and the following taken from here:

Sacha Stone is founder of the Humanitad Foundation, Executive Director of the Exemplar-Zero Initiative and Executive Producer of the MDG Awards which launched at the UN General Assembly Hall in 2009. The work of Humanitad is committed to defining and developing conscious models for human and planetary well-being. Sacha travels widely, engaging with political, spiritual and thought leaders. He grew up in the Zimbabwean war for independence and was educated in the fine-arts in South Africa during apartheid. He was a recording and performing rock-artist before establishing Humanitad in 1999 and lives for most of the year with his monkey `Cosmo’, four dogs and many cats in a South East Asian jungle retreat.

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