Agenda 2030 and the Looming “New Economic World Order”

This excellent article outlines the march of the global elite to fashion our future. Whilst the current event in the frame is the UN meeting in New York next week, which will see much pandering to the update of Agenda 21 as The 2030 Agenda, encouraged by Pope Francis.

But the real action is the so-called COP21 conference in Paris in November/December of this year, which seeks a binding commitment to fossil fuel reduction and all that that leads to. The globalists are seeking a commitment from all countries and, in the mind of Lord Christopher Monckton, this is why Tony Abbott, Australia’s now former PM was pushed out. He was not playing the game.

The power of the above-mentioned article is it covers some of the history and links some of the seemingly disparate threads of the global game into a more cohesive picture.

Worth reading if you want to grasp the unfolding globalist picture in our world.

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