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I was reading Kevin Barrett’s article about getting in the door to the “Left Forum”, a media event for the leftist US press, and it contains a very interesting diagram showing the funding structure behind the “Leftist” media:

phony left media left_gatekeepers

True to the fundamental principles expressed in the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” (heatedly denied by the Zionists and their sympathisers but endlessly demonstrable by world events), they control both sides of every important element of life, and it is demonstrated perfectly by the above diagram.

BTW, if you haven’t figured it out, yet, taxation is only for the minions. The US uber rich have avoided taxation through the use of Foundations, a mechanism set up in time for the introduction of the US taxation system and the IRS, within a few short months of the setting up of the US Fed in 1913 – coincidental, of course. But I digress.

Kevin’s article is a useful insight to the Leftist media game and it led me to this article entitled The Left Gatekeepers Phenomenon, which focusses specifically on how the Leftist press studiously avoided exposing the truth of 9/11, which Kevin also touches on.

I quote this segment regarding Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now”:

Hypocrisy Now!

One of the most notable cases of Left denial is that of the respected journalist Amy Goodman and her show Democracy Now!. Goodman has long rebuffed requests that she interview an expert on the subject. Instead she has tiptoed around the core facts of the attack and addressed only peripheral issues, such as the EPA’s fraudulent assurances that the air in Lower Manhattan was safe to breathe while Ground Zero was still smoldering. Finally, after a concerted campaign by the 9-11 Visibility Project, Goodman featured David Ray Griffin, author of The New Pearl Harbor, on her May 26, 2004 show. Goodman pitted Chip Berlet against Griffin, and gave the last word and closing summary to Berlet, who spun the myth that the attack was strictly blowback. Nonetheless, Griffin was allowed to make the case that the attack was an inside job for the first time ever on the nationally syndicated show.

Mark Robinowitz recounts confronting Amy Goodman about her refusal to cover the issue prior to the Griffin interview.

In the fall of 2002, Ms. Goodman spoke in the same room at the University of Oregon during a previous speaking tour. After her speech (which was very similar to her May 2004 speech), I asked her after the event if she would help investigate the recently disclosed story of how the Air Force, CIA, NORAD and National Reconnaissance Office were conducting “war games” similar to 9/11 during the 9/11 “attacks,” which were apparently used to confuse the air defense response. She would not reply, and looked at me in apparent fear. It was a particularly strange response considering she had just spoken eloquently about her tremendous courage in reporting on the massacre in East Timor. (The issue of the 9/11 war games on 9/11 has not ever been mentioned on Democracy Now — and it is likely that if they were, DN would run the risk of losing their foundation funding, which would force them to lay off much of their staff.)

End of quote.

I have written previously about that darling of the Left, Noam Chomsky, who parrots the official 9/11 story as well as the nonsense about Oswald killing JFK. In my opinion, Chomsky is an example of one of those who is saved for protecting the deepest hidden truths whilst leading the well-meaning off the scent.

Oh, did I mention Chomsky and Goodman are Jewish? Must have been an oversight and can only be a coincidence. Goodman comes from a multi-generational family of rabbis.

May more of those wonderful Jews whose work I respect enormously and many of whom I count as friends wake up to what they are trapped inside of and how they are used and manipulated by those elite Jews who run our world. But I’m not holding my breath. Beliefs are powerful things. People die for them every day, whether they know it or not.




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