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There’s a lot of evidence that has come forth confirming the false flag nature of the Paris attacks, though of course the official system moves forward as if they were for real. It’s how the game is played. But some of this evidence is so clear-cut, I’m drawn to share it.

Let me begin with this Twitter post:

Tweet prior to the attacks

It’s self-explanatory and it cannot be explained by it being posted from a different timezone. It’s too long before the attacks. This article discusses this post and some other inconsistencies, including a suspiciously early Wikipedia entry.

And there is this article, written by an ambulance driver, who knows what real blood and real bodies look like, demonstrating that the so-called Bataclan Theater massacre is a hoax, with false blood and dummies.

francehoax332 in theatre

“It seems real enough. It does look like actual human elements, dead bodies or, perhaps, people about to die from bleeding wounds. Yet, in many ways it doesn’t look real, for instance, the glaringly obvious anomaly of the smearing about of the red matter, which people presume to be blood, with what was obviously some sort of mop or broom. In real crime scenes that is never done.

“Regarding the red matter, which is obviously of uniform color, here is what one of our posters has made evidence, a man who is in the midst of real blood as an ambulance driver:

“I work as an Ambulance driver. When we arrive at an accident, the blood which has left the bodies of the victims has usually begun deoxygenating und turning dark. Hemoglobin holds onto oxygen to carry it around your body. Hemoglobin takes on a different shape when oxygenated and appears more “red” when fully oxygenated. When the oxygen molecules leave the hemoglobin, the substance changes shape and appears to be very dark. When blood leaves your body, your red blood cells die and the hemoglobin eventually becomes deoxygenated. Blood that has recently left a body has a much brighter red color due to the fact it is oxygenated by the air. The eventual death of the red blood cells releases the oxygen, turning the hemoglobin dark red and even appearingly black. So, when was this picture taken if it took the police two hours to get in the building?

“The blood in the picture is bright red, It should be almost black.”

End of quote.

And for those who want additional views, this interview with former US marine Ken O’Keefe sets the context very well in his very direct way.

Also this Richie Allen interview with Gearóid ó Colmáin, the Irish political journalist’s RT interview I shared, and this one with the irrepressible Max Igan, in which both Richie and Max get very wound up over these and other abuses by the global elite in our world.

Not that we needed further evidence.

There’s also a report that a Mexican girl (Nohemi Gonzalez) was reportedly alive after the so-called attacks, was taken into custody and was then reported to be dead… But it was a first-hand linking of evidence that is difficult to verify. If true, it demonstrates how horrifically cynical these events are.

And so, we watch events unfold in our world as if what happened in Paris was as it was presented to us by the MSM. That’s how it works.

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