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I thought I had written the last post to my blog, because those who will recognise what is happening in our world already do, for now, and the rest (of you) will wake up down the track, or die. It is sobering to reflect that many who read this who remain stuck inside the official narrative and who I have considered my friends or are family, I may well have seen in the temporal for the last time, unless you wake up quickly.


Not in the least.

If you have been jabbed twice and you have not yet died, if you live two more years, you will have done well. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Still think I’m being melodramatic? Then it’s probably true for you because your beliefs and your need to be right are more important than the Truth.

Have you ever stopped and thought how those who set the agenda in our world managed to have 20M Europeans voluntarily kill each other in WWI and a few years later, broaden the war theatre in WWII? Probably not, because we are trained to not ask such questions.

I raise this because it’s very relevant to what is happening right now. Same processes. Same hidden controllers. Same dumb public. And you are most likely falling for the same rhetoric. They are masters of it, and few consider who creates the context for their lives. If you are not doing it for yourself, as the truly self-empowered do, then somebody else is and they do not have your best interests at heart.

Those killed in wars, who wear uniforms and many others, die for their beliefs. Beliefs they are persuaded are Truth. What is the difference? Profound but most are unaware of it. Often when I open the conversation about what is happening in our world at the moment, those who I am speaking to dismiss me by saying, “Everyone is entitled to their beliefs”. It’s a variant on the “conspiracy theorist” dismissal. But when I answer, “Yes they are, but few understand the difference between beliefs and Truth”, there is a deathly silence. I have just broken the rules of the programmed narrative.

But I digress.

I want to share with you, perhaps my last post on what we are inside of, in the hope that one or two more of you might actually step beyond the scotoma of your belief of and trust in the official narrative and see what is happening, which has become blindingly obvious for those who want to see, which is not many.

Let me begin with this table:

CDC US Annual Death Rate Data

This shows the total death numbers reported by the US CDC for the last 6 years. If there was actually a pandemic in 2020, there should be a spike in deaths in 2020. Where is it?


Please spend some time looking at this table and allow yourself to absorb the information, because if you don’t absorb it, the scotoma of your beliefs, honed by the media, politicians and others will blind you to this simple truth.

Deaths from all causes for 2020 in the US, 2,848,527

Deaths from all causes for 2019 in the US, 2,855,000

Less deaths in 2020 that in 2019. There was no pandemic in the US in 2020.

But…, but…, but…

You have been had by a global psychological operation created to panic and persuade most people to “get the jab”.

Why would they do that???

Because those who run our world want most of us dead.


Could they?

My friends, that is the simple truth and they have been working very hard for a century or so to limit the growth of and then cut back the global population – and more.

And the truth of what is happening is all over the place if you are willing to look. But they rely on you remaining inside your comfortable bubble and hoping for the best, and that you will be able to “skate through” by being compliant and not questioning.

So, the above table will be impossible for most of you to even contemplate as being true and you will probably have deleted this email or left this blog post by now.

But if you haven’t, please watch the following interview with John O’Looney, an undertaker in Milton Keynes in the UK. A moment’s reflection will tell you that undertakers have a unique of view who is dying, when and, if they are observant, why. , backup at this link.

O’Looney explains there were very few deaths in the UK during the early part of the scamdemic, until old people started dying “like flies”, in his considered and informed opinion because they were euthanised, which he explains. Then, no deaths until the jabs began. O’Looney sees very clearly what is going on and believes he will probably be killed for going public. A very brave man. O’Looney talks about the high rate of deaths from heart and cardiovascular complications. Entirely to be expected and the reason is expertly explained and illustrated in this video.

Again, if you are willing to put your beliefs on the line and opening to the Truth, please watch his interview. If not, you will probably be amongst those I will not see again. No, I’m not being melodramatic and I’m not joking. If you don’t wake up soon, you will be dead, just as those who run our world have planned for you.

Ever wondered about the first “commandment” on the Georgia Guidestones?

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

Now you might begin to understand. Or not.

You may like to read the rest of what is written on them. Our dark friends telegraph their plans.

In this video, a young NSW (Australia) policemen explains why he has resigned as a police officer. He realised what was happening.

I have shared a great deal more as this has unfolded, which you can find on my blog at

A key thing to understand is those who have run this agenda think they have won when they have most people jabbed (it cannot be a vaccine as I have elucidated previously). They believe there is no way back for humanity.

But they’re wrong. You see, their plans to control humanity were executed inside a trap for them created by “the Light”. A tiny little particle of food, which brought the blueprint of biological life to our planet, is re-emerging in our world as the full force of the jabs is being unfolded, and it triggers our bodies to clear EVERYTHING for themselves that does not belong in our bodies, including manmade “jabs” and the “shedding” therefrom.

If you are beginning to understand and you regret getting the jab, there is a solution, planned before life began on Earth. It is contained in this document.

Choose wisely.

So you understand, if you do not, my life is about this time when humanity – those that survive – will be set free from this horrific abuse.

Dr. Richard Presser

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