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Hundreds if not thousands of people die for their beliefs every day. Beliefs are one of the most powerful things in our world. In our scientifically oriented world, we are persuaded that there is a connection between the facts (what is presented as truth) and what we believe.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, most people will ignore the facts to defend their beliefs, including many scientifically trained people (indeed, they can be amongst the worst because they have been brought up to believe that science of the temporal and the scientific process are the same thing), and once you have persuaded people to believe something, it takes little effort to sustain it.

Man-made global warming is one example. It’s pure, unfiltered, unsanitised bullshit.

But most likely, you won’t believe me because you believe it’s true. I’m just another of those global warming deniers. I mean, it was just today, we saw it in the news that October 2014 was the warmest October on record according to NOAA. It must be true. Surely they wouldn’t lie to us!!!

Well, I’ve got news for you. They do. Every day.

And if you want to understand the cooling threat that is on the doorstep of most of the European and American continents, take the time to watch this video. Look at the number of major global scientists abandoning the IPCC position. Hear how scientists are threatened to make sure they tow the line. Hear how the reports are not based on the facts. Hear how the planet has not warmed for 17-18 years.

But if your beliefs are more important than the truth, as most people’s are, just ignore this email and its consequences, of which the global implementation of Agenda 21, which is what they are REALLY defending with the global warming scam, will be a minor part.

Don’t EVER say you have not been warned.

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