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If you are not familiar with Operation Gladio a post WWII project of the CIA, primarily in Italy, then I suggest you look into it through this previous post. This backdrop is important, because there is a powerful desire to believe that those in power would not intentionally trigger false flag attacks on so-called home soil. They can and they do and they will continue to do so as a vehicle for strengthening the grip of the police state that we are witnessing being rolled out, especially in the major English-speaking countries that constitute the so-called “Five Eyes” countries.

So, it is from that perspective that I share this article with you (thanks, Molly), which not only focusses on the recent Canadian “attacks”, but some of the US history leading up to it. I have already commented on the similar games being played in Australia, and I noted Australia’s Prime Minister Abbott saying how Australia would move in lock step with our Canadian friends in response to common threats.

We are witnessing a major tightening of freedoms in the English-speaking Western world in a carefully constructed manner and its parallels to Operation Gladio are very useful to note. And the public is buying it all, as they have been so well programmed to do.

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