Christopher Story on the Illuminati

I came across this quote recently, which comes from Christopher Story’s 2005 book, The New Underworld Order:

Death is nothing to the Illuminati. As alluded to elsewhere, the Author himself received no less than seven death threats in the course of researching this study. When people fall out of line with the Illuminati, they may be at risk. Certain pop singers, such as Jimmy Hendrix, were intelligent enough, and insufficiently drugged, to comprehend the Illuminati’s permissive society strategy, and in particular its exploitation of the ‘music’ industry to propagate the sterile, Luciferian idolatries of mind-control, sex and death. When Hendrix started to insert lyrics in his ‘songs’ that revealed his understanding of what was going on, he was liquidated. The Illuminati are particularly focused on attacking the children of their targets, especially if they are

twins (they have an occultic fixation on twins, and on twin boys aged 11).


These people are capable of anything. The two most heinous Illuminati regimes to date have of course been Stalin’s USSR, and Nazi Germany (sample atrocities of which are displayed on page 658). But by far the worse Illuminati regime ever to have been developed in human history may be emerging ‘as we speak’. It is the United States.

As one European friend of the Author, long resident in the United States, has explained: ‘The Nazi/Illuminati dictatorship that will emerge in the United States will be by far the worst that mankind has ever perpetrated’.

End of quote.

Story died in 2010, many believing he was murdered because he not only knew too much, he wrote and spoke about it.

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