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I have referred previously to evidence that the 1996 Port Arthur massacre in which a reported 20 people were killed in execution style in minutes by Martin Bryant, a young man with an IQ of 60 and with no weapons training might not have been all on the up and up. Now, I know that if you’ve been reading these posts for a while, you might find that suggestion a little unexpected…

It’s clear there is a growing group of people that are recognizing this stitch-up for what it was – a false flag event to justify the rapidly introduced legislation to take guns out of the Australian public’s hands. A single event like this could succeed in Australia, where years of events are being shown to be required to pull off the same outcome in the United States, and if you’ve spent any time in Texas you will know it remains an unlikely outcome.

The Port Arthur exposure was given a significant boost yesterday with the Richie Allen interview of Keith Allan Noble. Noble has recently released a book entitled Mass Murder: Martin Bryant Case Re-Examined, in which he examines the tawdry tale:

The Martin Bryant (Port Arthur Massacre) case is the worst injustice that has ever been perpetrated in Australia. Thirty-five deaths, but NO coronial inquest, NO trial, and NO full and public inquiry. Martin, who has the intellectual age of a 10-year-old boy, was set up, misused and abused, then betrayed by the legal profession, then imprisoned for life by some POS who called himself Justice. There is not a shred of hard evidence that Martin planned and conducted the whole tragedy. He does not have the mental capacity. Evidence was faked and eye-witnesses have stated in writing that he was not the gunman and that he was elsewhere when the carnage commenced. It is a gross official cover-up. Martin Bryant is innocent. In this controversial book, Dr Keith Allan Noble re-examined the case from Australia’s Port Arthur Massacre.

End of quote.

Just those few words tell you enough. But when you listen to this interview, describing the equipment that was built in preparation, including a high capacity embalming machine and how Stephen Parry, currently the President of Australia’s Senate, was in the thick of it all.

And this song WISH I KNEW HOW TO BE FREE was written and recorded by Cherri Bonney in support of Martin Bryant.

To my Aussie friends in particular, I say get informed, get angry and do what you can to expose this. It is another dangling thread which, if pulled on, can help to defrock the mirage we live inside.

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