Councils target newborn babies for removal from parents to get government incentives

A story from the U.K.

Councils are being offered bonuses of millions of pounds if they meet controversial State adoption targets.

Confidential figures obtained by the Daily Mail show that £36million in ‘reward grants’ has been promised to English councils in an attempt by Labour to increase adoptions of children by 50 per cent.

The money-earning targets were introduced by Tony Blair in 2000 and were intended to lift more older children out of the care system.

But critics say it is the most ‘adoptable’ babies and children under four who are being removed in the biggest numbers.

There are several things to understand here:

  • There are many plans in place to break down the influence of parents over their children and move it to the influence of the state. Another thread of this has been to get young mothers back into the workforce so the raising of their young children is done by the state. Yes, most families need two incomes to survive today, but how did this come to be? Who created the desire in women to have working be more important than give the essential moment-to-moment nurturing and care to their children? No other species does this and humanity didn’t either, until recently. Think about it.
  • We think our children are ours. They’re not. They, like we, are owned by the state. In most countries we are a resource owned by the state and mortgaged to the bankers against which loans are made. You think I’m joking? Do some research.

This is also why we see an increased rate of confiscation of children by the state, for seemingly meaningless reasons, especially in the United States and the U.K. And parents that try to get their children back usually fail – because they don’t have the right to those children they thought they had.

No, this is not Orwell’s 1984. It’s far worse and done very stealthily. The boiling frog analogy is very relevant here, and the water is beginning to boil yet most of humanity is oblivious. They think it’s all perfectly normal. David Icke calls it “the Totalitarian Tiptoe”. I think that gets it quite nicely.

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