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There are few who see the Zionist agenda as clearly as David Duke. The Zionists will tell you he’s a rampant anti-Semite (a nonsense term, as I’ve illustrated), but in this video, David is simply quoting leading Jews, just as Henry Ford did nearly 100 years ago.

Watch this video, and if you can tell me David is wrong in what he says, get back to me. I’d love to hear from you. I do not wish to misjudge or misrepresent anyone.

And if you agree, share this video with everyone you care about, Jewish or otherwise, because most of us, Jew and Gentile alike, are under the spell of this propaganda.

And David speaks in this video as if the Holocaust was real, which I have shared with you, is patently not the case. The evidence is overwhelming, if you can get past that propagandist taboo and evaluate it for yourself.

Remember, I never want anyone to believe anything I write. Rather, I want to prompt you to do your own homework and form an informed view, rather than the one handed to you by society. Perhaps the greatest challenge for all of us is to not allow our beliefs to blind us and remain the blinkers that define what we see. It is how almost everyone lives and how we are encouraged to live by so many elements in our world.

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