David Icke interviews Credo Mutwa

Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa is a Zulu Sangoma or shaman.

In 1999, David Icke conducted an extensive interview with Credo Mutwa. This 6 ½ hour recording covers extraordinary ground.

In simple terms, Mutwa shares detailed knowledge of the history of Africa and how the coming of the English and the preparation that went on beforehand led to the destruction of the religion and culture of Africa in a very deliberate way. He also shares of his experience with those who have manipulated humanity for generations, primarily from behind the scenes.

I cannot begin to do justice to the wisdom and knowledge shared here. If you want to understand how life has unfolded in our world, not only in Africa over the last couple of hundred years in particular, though indeed way beyond that, this interview, in my view, is essential listening. Mutwa is perhaps the most amazing storyteller I have ever listened to.

As you listen to this, it would be easy to conclude that all past leaders and secret societies have been of the dark, and if you look at our current world, it would be easy to draw that conclusion. Based on my own knowledge and experience, I would say this is not so, though it is fair to say that the Illuminati and others have worked very hard to take over those organizations of the Light, and in most cases have succeeded. This is a key area where I part ways with David Icke and you could conclude from this interview that Mutwa agrees with him on this, but I do not believe this is so.

In my view, we all owe David Icke a great deal for recording this interview and making it available to the world.

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