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This Zero Hedge article provides some insight into how things are falling apart in the United States. You are unlikely to see this in the MSM. Their focus is entirely on the record breaking stockmarket, which has the naïve punters piling in like there’s no tomorrow, just like 1929.

This earlier article provides some more details.

There’s a saying “when the bellhop is giving you stock tips, it’s time to get out of the market”. We are in that time. And when the stockmarket falls, as it will do – my guess on timing is October/ November, maybe after the US Presidential election – it will be the trigger that reveals the devastation that’s been wrought by the global elite under the cover of the COVID-19 scamdemic.

A number of commentators have described the current state as “the everything bubble”. Which means, when it pops, there’s nowhere to hide. Well, perhaps, except precious metals… Some add in cryptos. They could be right. Cryptos have no history and no underlying tangible value, so they are not for me. They are just another form of currency and the form that is planned for our future (personally, I believe Bitcoin was created by the elite as a stalking horse, but that’s another conversation), not real money. The world has been weaned off money over the last 2/3rds of a century and hoodwinked into putting their trust in currency alone, by disconnecting the USD from gold.

In 1929 and after, the DOW fell nearly 90%. I expect something similar. And it will be global.

Aussie real estate has to fall by 50% to approach “fair value” even at current (read historical) income levels. This could also fall 90%. Most people cannot conceive of such a thing.

Many people will have their life savings destroyed and will never recover in their lifetimes. In the US, at least the bank gets to wear the shortfall if your real estate sells with a shortfall. Not so in Australia. Most Aussies cannot imagine what is coming.

It’s all planned, my friends. All planned…

And much of this we cannot prevent. It’s locked and loaded, along with the global food shortages. We can change the medium-term outcomes in some ways, but not this.


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