Dean Radin applies the scientific process to the non-material

There has been a powerful attempt to equate the scientific process with the materialist view of the world – an attempt that has overwhelmed the understanding and open-mindedness of most scientists and, indeed, almost all of the non-scientific public. The scientific process has taken on the characteristics of a religion, and in doing so it is used powerfully to reinforce the materialist perspective – that the temporal world is all there is – whilst at the same time those who promote this model from the background manipulate the application of the scientific process for their own purposes through Fear, Favour and Funding.

Dean Radin takes this model and uncompromisingly trashes it. As he says in this excellent presentation of some of his ideas and work, the fact that he works in the paranormal space requires him to be far more rigorous in his application of the scientific process than scientists working in more traditional areas.

And his results are undeniable.

Dean presents his fascinating work with a refreshing clarity and humour. I commend this video to you.

In sharing this with you, I am reminded of the excellent documentary “Something Unknown Is Doing We Don’t Know What”, which reviews a great deal of the work which applies the scientific process to the paranormal and which I previously introduced to you here.

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