Don McLean explains enigmatic lyrics to American Pie

Now he has explained almost all. “Basically in American Pie things are heading in the wrong direction,” he said in an interview published in Christie’s auction catalogue.

“It is becoming less idyllic. I don’t know whether you consider that wrong or right but it is a morality song in a sense.”…

…”I was around in 1970 and now I am around in 2015 … there is no poetry and very little romance in anything anymore, so it is really like the last phase of American Pie,” he said.

End of quote.

For me, this decline is quite intentional. In ways, it began in earnest with the Rockefeller Foundation changing the tuning frequency of music in the early part of the 20th century to a more discordant tone (do you think they drove this to improve our musical experience?), and it has reached a crescendo with the tuneless “music” churned in many genres today, that young people think is modern music. They have no clue how it got there and would defend it against any old “fuddie duddie” trying to help them understand it.

What has been done to music is but one of a thousand if not ten thousand examples of the intentional manipulation of our world to destroy the natural human experience. Most people cannot begin to grasp the complex and comprehensive nature of this onslaught.

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